Unboring Space Tiles

Many Science Fiction websites use quite boring backgrounds. It is just a black background with some bright dots. There are no space dust/gas/nebula and this makes the background boring. One reason that boring backgrounds are used, are because they are easy to tile. There are no visible borders between the tiles. If a picture with space dust/gas/nebula is used, then there will be visible borders, and that will look ugly.

To end this problem I have made some tileable (is that a word?) space backgrounds with dust/gas/nebula. Now it is possible to use one of these, and have a tileable space background that is not boring. (Some of these backgrounds are not very good to put text on. I recommend that You do something like what I have done on my website with a table in another color to put the text in.)

To save a tile, just rightclick on the tile below that You like, and select "Save Image As...". and select to save the tile as a jpg-file. (This is basically how to do it, but it may differ with different browsers.)

You may use these "Unboring Space Tiles" for free as backgrounds on Your desktop or as backgrounds for Your Science Fiction website. (For any other uses please contact BeRKA first.)

tile-a tile-b
tile-c tile-d
tile-e tile-f
tile-g tile-h
tile-i tile-j

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