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Lower Line 1: (Gun for Striker. Unit for PanzerBlitz.)

Lower Line 2: (Armor for Striker. ID for PanzerBlitz.)

Lower Line 3: (Move for Striker. Leave empty for PanzerBlitz.)

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Unit Gallery

gas giant
The Gas Giant is a huge planet whose atmosphere can be used as starship fuel. Therefor the Gas Giant is a very strategic place in the system, and is often guarded by a number of System Defence Boats. If the invading forces cannot get control of the Gas Giant, and if they don't have extra tankers, or if the tankers have been destroyed, then they cannot get out of the system. If the Gas Giant is a Jgd-Il-Jagd colony, then there will be a lot more than a few System Defence Boats guarding it.

quad walker
Quad Walker a.k.a. Imperial Walker is a heavily armored, massive combat walker used where grav vehicles are impractical, or where really heavy weapons are needed. In the "head" there is room for a crew of 5 and also a massive quadruple fusion gun that is powered by the big fusion powerplant that is located in the "body". The powerplant also powers the hydralics for the 20 meter legs, that can move the Quad Walker at a speed of 50 km/h.

Saucer is a fast craft that sometimes help the invaders. The saucers appear behind the invaders main line, and uses fast guided missiles to hit the mobile bases. If the mobile bases can get a clean shot, and are prepared a bit in advance, then it is posible to kill the Saucer.

The color values goes from 0 to 255. 0 is the darkest. 255 is the brightest. Mix red, green and blue to the color You want for the background.

If You select a predified color, then any other color selection will be discarded.

You can tile the counters in a 5x5 sheet if You want. If You select the Yes++ option, then the "Upper Line 2" will be incremented for each counter. If You select the Yes(PZB) option then "Lower Line 2" will be incremented for each counter. (The incrementing will only work if the unit ID only have numbers and letters in it.)

To Save the Unit Counters, rightclick and select "Save Image As" and select to save the Unit Counters as a gif-file. (This is basically how to do it, but it may differ with different browsers.)

  • Select 2 ratings to produce FFW style units with a combat value and a tech level.
  • Select 3 ratings to produce a more traditional looking unit counter. These 3 ratings could represent Attack, Defence and Movement values.
  • Select 4 ratings to produce PanzerBlitz style units.

    When Selecting 1, 2 or 3 ratings, the ratings will be placed under the unit. Don't use the lower lines if You use this option. When selecting 4 ratings, the ratings will be placed in the corners, just like they are in the PanzerBlitz game.

    For rating values You can use 1c for 100 etc...

    To produce nice looking Striker styled units, write the name of the unit in the "Unit Title" box, write the unit ID in "Upper Line 2", and anything You like in the lower 3 lines. My suggestion is to use the lower 3 lines for weapon, armor and speed, but for some units something else might be better.

    To produce nice looking PanzerBlitz styled units, leave "Unit Title" empty. Write Weapon Class in "Upper Line 2" and select Bigger Line 2 Font. Write Attack Factor as "Rating-1", Range Factor as "Rating-2", Defence Factor as "Rating-3", and Movement Factor as "Rating-4". Write Type in "Lower Line 1" and Unit ID in "Lower Line 2".

    Symbols that are not Vehicles or Heavy Waepons could be used for Leaders or Headquartesr etc...

    If You need a hexagon map then You can use the QuickHex to produce one.

    Unit symbols:


    Funny Space Symbols, by Jeffrey N. Levine.
    StarWars Symbols, by Major Tom Mouat, UK Army.
    Invaders Symbols by, "dustBUSt Fonts.

    Ideas, Comments and BugReports:
    Send Ideas, Comments and BugReports to BeRKA.

    Technical notes:
    The program is written in perl using the GD module from boutell.

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