Duchess Class Bulk Carrier/Tanker

By: Walter Whimpenny

Class: Duchess
Type: Merchant
Architect: Claypoole & Burrows of Regina
Tech Level: 14

USP M-L721242-000000-00000-0 MCr 5,028.30615 15 KTons
Bat Bear      000000-00000	               Crew: 17
Bat      	  000000-00000                     TL: 14
Passengers: 0 Low: 0 Cargo: 9,600 Fuel: 3,900 EP: 300 Agility: 1 Troops: 0 

Craft: 2 x 6T Air Rafts Fuel Treatment: Board Fuel Purification (400)

Architects Fee: MCr 50.28 Cost in Quantity: MCr 4022.6448

The Duchess Class Bulk Carrier was designed primarily with flexibility in mind. As such it can carry large quantities of fluids, gases, or dry goods. Bulk cargoes are primarily dry cargoes which are shipped in large quantities and do not need to be carried in packaged form. Some examples of bulk cargoes are coal, iron ore, bauxite, phosphate, nitrate and grains such as wheat. The advantage of carrying such cargoes in bulk is that packaging costs can be greatly reduced and loading and unloading operations can be speeded up. Liquid and gaseous cargoes include various types of chemicals, water, and liquid hydrogen used for starship fuel. Each of the 3200 ton cargo tanks can be loaded with completely different types of cargoes. Once a tank has been designated for a certain type of cargo it has to be extensively cleaned before being used for a different type. Large shipping concerns often dedicate tanks to certain cargo types reducing the requirement for inter-use cleansings. Both fuel and cargo tanks can be detached and reattached. This allows for a rapid turn around after the ship reaches orbit. The tanks can be detached for later unloading while full tanks pre-loaded before the ship arrived can be attached. In keeping with the theme of flexibility the class was preconfigured to act as a tanker for starship refueling. The standard design includes two large fuel purification plants at other end of the frame as well as local power plant fuel capacity of 6 months. Additional fuel tanks can be purchased for Cr 200,000. Additional Bulk cargo tanks can be purchased for MCr 3.5. As this ship was not designed for frontier service minimal armament is provided. When used as a refueling station support craft including fuel skimmers and guard should be provided. Each shipping line which uses vessels of this class have their own naming conventions.

Detailed Description

TONNAGE 15,000 tons standard, Dispersed Structure

CREW 7 Officers, 10 Ratings

ENGINEERING Jump-2, 1G Manuever, Power Plant-2, 300.000 EP, Agility 1

AVIONICS Bridge, Model/4 Computer

HARDPOINTS 4 Hardpoints



CRAFT 2 6.000 ton Air Rafts

FUEL 3,900.000 Tons Fuel (2 parsecs jump and 196 days endurance) On Board Fuel Purification Plant

MISCELLANEOUS 3.0 Staterooms, 7.0 half Staterooms, 9600.000 Tons Cargo

COST MCr 5,028.306 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 54.28), MCr 4022.6448 in Quantity

CONSTRUCTION TIME 150 Weeks Singly, 120 Weeks in Quantity

The ship is built using Book 5 High Guard rules.

Copyright 2006 Walter Whimpenny All Rights Reserved

Bulk Carrier Cross Section
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