The Dienjzhiae Fleet Intelligence Corvette

Created by SVWilson3 using: Book 2: Starships and Book 5: Highguard.

Type: Intelligence Corvette
Architect: Idar Nobsl
Tech Level: 14


LI-74437E2-140000-20104-0  MCr 2,207.729  700 Tons
Bat Bear    1     2 1 1              Crew: 22
Bat         1     2 1 1                TL: 14
Cargo: 16 tons Fuel: 315 tons EP: 49 Agility: 3 Pulse Lasers
Craft: 1 x 15T Ship's Boat
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 20.077 Cost in Quantity: MCr 1,806.183

Detailed Description
HULL: 700.000 tons standard, 9,800.000 cubic meters, Close Structure Configuration

CREW: Command Section 2, Engineering Division:6, Gunnery Division:5, Flight Section: 3, Medical Department:1, Services:1, Intelligence & Communications:4

ENGINEERING: Jump-4, 3G Maneuver, Power plant-7, 49.000 EP, Agility 3

AVIONICS: Bridge, Model/5fib Computer

HARDPOINTS: 6 Hardpoints

ARMAMENT: 2 Triple Missile Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-4), 2 Dual Pulse Laser Turrets organised into 2 Batteries (Factor-2), 1 Particle Accelerator Barbette organised into 1 Battery (Factor-1)

DEFENCES: 1 Triple Sandcaster Turret organised into 1 Battery (Factor-4), Armoured Hull (Factor-1)

CRAFT: 1 15-ton Ship's Boat (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 200.000)

FUEL: 315 Tons Fuel (4 parsecs jump and 20 days endurance) On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

MISCELLANEOUS: 17 Staterooms, 16 Tons Cargo

CLASSIFIED COMPONENTS: 1 EW/ Stealth Electronics (8.000 tons, Crew 1, 6.000 Energy Points, Cost MCr 200.000, requires 1 Hardpoint), 10 Surveillance Probes (2.000 tons, Crew 0, Cost MCr 100.000), 1 System wide Sensors (4.000 tons, Crew 1, 2.000 Energy Points, Cost MCr 100.000), 1 Parsec Communications (4.000 tons, Crew 1, 2.000 Energy Points, Cost MCr 100.000)

COST: MCr 2,027.806 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 20.077), MCr 1,606.183 in Quantity, plus MCr 200.000 of Carried Craft (Hardpoints and Turrets charged)

CONSTRUCTION TIME:106 Weeks Singly, 85 Weeks in Quantity

Class Notes:
The Dienjzhiae class intelligence corvette is a highly sought after prize by Imperial navy intelligence circles. Having recently appeared in and near borders shared with the Imperium. It was only just identified in 1115 as an intelligence collection vessel, following the pursuit of one in the Villis system that ended with the corvette scuttling itself in a nuclear explosion to prevent capture. It is tasked with the collection of signals, imagery and systems reconnaissance missions. Some circles suggest due to the electronic and visual stealth technology that the vessels are involved in special operations as well. Sharing the same hull has the Berka and Banya class fleet corvettes allow it some ability to disguise itself as commonplace with in and around Zhodani space. The Dienjzhiae class is built by Idar Nobsl Ship yards under very tight security in order to prevent the disclosure of the intelligence collection systems on board. Due to the nature of sensitive operations conducted by these vessels' the crews are hand picked for security and professionalism. It is known that full Commanders are appointed to command these vessels instead of the usual Lieutenant Commanders.

  • Launch- The Ships launch is a 15- ton boat that handles many of the re-supply and surface operations.

  • Intelligence Systems- The Corvettes intelligence collection packages have a system wide range. They collect Signals, Electronic, Astrography, and Image Intelligence.

  • Stealth Systems- The Corvette enjoys a highly secretive cloaking device that hides the electronic signature and attempts to visually conceal the ship form sensors and imagery. Imperial intelligence officers are known to be desperate to get a hold of this component of the ship.

  • Surveillance Probes- 10-2ton Surveillance probes are extensions of the corvettes ability to collect and disseminate intelligence. They have a year worth of powerplant fuel to carry out tasks. The probes are used to collect data on the systems and monitor interstellar vessel traffic. If recovered by non-Zhodani military personnel it will detonate a self-destruct charge.


  • Command Section- The command section consists of a Ship's Captain (Commander), and an Executive Officer (Lieutenant Commander).

  • Engineering Division- The engineering division is lead by a Chief Engineer (Lieutenant) and his is assisted by the MPA (Warrant Officer) on board there are four Engineering Petty Officers that perform maintenance and repairs for the ships drives and assist with damage control efforts. The Section is supplemented by 4 Engineering droids that assist by performing the PMS tasks and EVA's for repairs.

  • Gunnery Division- The gunnery division is lead by a Master Gunner (Warrant Officer) and he has six very well trained Gunnery petty officers at his command that man the ships weaponry.

  • Flight Section- The Flight Section is Lead by a Lieutenant and he leads two other pilot officers who pilots the ship and crew the launch.

  • Medical Department- An Independent Duty Corpsman is the attending medical specialist for the corvette. He is assisted by a medical droid.

  • Services Department- The Services Department is headed by a senior petty officer who acts as stores keeper, mess specialist and also acts as the ship's clerk. The Service Specialist is assisted by a mess droid and an administrative droid.

  • Intelligence and Communications Department- The Intelligence and Communications Department contains an EW Specialist (Lieutenant), Sensor Operations Specialist (Lieutenant Junior Grade), Communications Specialist (Lieutenant Junior Grade) and Psi Intelligence Specialist (Lieutenant).

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