Dranzhrin Class Consular Corvette

Created by SVWilson3 using: Book 2: Starships and Book 5: Highguard.

Class: Dranzhrin
Type: Consular Corvette
Architect: ZhDA
Tech Level: 15


         LL-62436E2-230000-20200-0       MCr 382.034  650 Tons
Bat Bear             4     4 2                        Crew: 27
Bat                  4     4 2                          TL: 15
Cargo: 18 Tons Passengers: 4 Low: 6 Fuel: 299.000 EP: 39.000 Agility: 3 Consular Guards: 9
Craft: 1 x 20T Ship's Launch, 1 x 4T Grav Sled, 2 x 8T Light Fighters
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Detailed Description
TONNAGE: 650-tons standard, 9,100.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

CREW: Command: 2, Flight: 4, Medical: 1, Steward: 1, Engineering: 4, Gunnery: 6, Consular Guard: 9

ENGINEERING: Jump-4, 3G Maneuver, Power plant-6, 39.000 EP, Agility 3

AVIONICS: Bridge, Model/5 fib 1 Computer

HARDPOINTS: 6 Hardpoints

ARMARMENT & DEFENCES: 2 Single Turrets each a Particle Accelerator (Factor-2), 4 Triple Mixed Turrets each with: 2 Pulse Lasers (Factor-2), 1 Single Sandcaster (Factor-3) in 4 Batteries, Armored Hull (Factor-2)

CRAFT: 1x20-ton Ship's Launch (Crew of 2), 1x4-ton Grav Sled (Crew of 0), 2x8-ton Light Fighters (Crew of 1)

FUEL: 246Tons Fuel (4 parsecs jump and 30 days endurance) On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

MISCELLANEOUS: 21 Staterooms & 1 Consular Stateroom, 6 Low Berths, and 18 Tons Cargo

COST: MCr 416.912 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 4.128), MCr 330.227 in Quantity

CONSTRUCTION TIME: 99 Weeks Singly, 79 Weeks in Quantity

Class Notes:
Built on Zhodane (Zhdant; the home world of the Zhodani) they are designed to service the needs of the senior members (retired) of the Qlondlabr (supreme council) who continue to carry on the work of the Consulate. These senior members are often charged with executing public projects and diplomatic missions on behalf of the Triumvirate (the three supreme executive consuls) of the supreme council. It is not uncommon to encounter these vessels in frontier regions and outside of the Consulate. They are not designated as warships. Yet, because of the missions and their political significance they are heavily armed. This branch maintains the small ships to aid the Supreme Council in administrating the Consulate. The consular registry indicates there are 236 corvettes in service throughout Zhodani space. The crews of the Consular Corvettes are highly trained and represent the cream of the Zhodani Navy. Competition for assignments on these vessels is fierce. Both officers and files hope to add a consular cruise as a caveat to their careers and are known to have improved chances for promotions during these assignments.

  • Fighters- Two 8-ton (TL-15) Light Fighters provide coverage to the ship's launch while in flight and to the frigate during refueling operations. The craft are accessed via the cockpit pod located on the ships main accessway. The Pilot climbs into the pod and is transported in the access tube to the fighter frame waiting in the port or starboard vehicle bay. There the pod and frame integrate as the fighter system and launch for operations. Recovery of the pilot is the same procedure in reverse. [Fighter stats: Crew: 1Armored (factor 6), capable of 6-G acceleration, an agility of 6 powered by a (factor 9) fusion plant, fuel: 0.72 tons, armed with a pulse laser (factor-2) and two missile systems (factor-2) with two reloads each, and a thought controlled weapon system 2 with a TL15 Model 1/fib 3 that runs- gunner interface/enhancement, electronic countermeasures, targeting (multi), launch/recovery and navigation programs.
  • Ship's Launch- A 20 ton launch (TL-15) Crew: 2 (pilot and steward/cargo handler), Passengers: 8 Cargo: 6, Bridge TL-15 Mod 1/fib, 3-G Acceleration, Agility: 3, Fuel: 1.2 tons. The passenger couches can be removed for more cargo space.
Crew & Passengers-
  • Command Team- The command team of the frigate is composed of two highly trained line officers the Ship's Captain is usually a Commander and a proficient command pilot-navigator, yet promising Lt. Commanders have been known to sit in the highly prized captain's chair. The captain always selects the executive officer for performance and compatibility; the XO hold's the rank of Lt. Commander or Lieutenant. The executive officer besides being a capable pilot himself always has the unenviable position of being multi tasked as the ship's protocol officer, communication/combat electronic warfare officer and the PMS 4 coordinator. In combat both the Captain and XO are found on the bridge.
  • Flight Section- The 4 Pilot-Officers of the flight section assigned to the frigate and are trained as starship and small craft pilot/navigators additionally all are psionic adepts. They rotate watches on the bridge standing a 6 in 36 and Ship's Launch duty when needed. Battle condition assignments are for the flight section: the two carried fighters and psionic fighter director. In combat the ship's launch pilot is assigned to the bridge to assist the Captain with piloting the vessel. Each Pilot officer has a single stateroom.
  • Engineering Section- Engineering is staffed by a Chief Engineer (Lieutenant), MPA (Warrant Officer) and two engineering senior petty officers. They are assisted by two engineering droids who carry out the scheduled preventive maintenance tasks and assist monitoring the drives. The engineering section stands a 6 in 24 watch in the drive space. At battle stations the Chief Engineer and one petty officer are present in the drive space. The MPA and remaining petty officer serve as a damage control party. All EVA 5 operations are conducted by four EVA repair droids and are controlled remotely from the engineer's module on the drive deck. The Chief Engineer is quartered in a single stateroom. The MPA has a half stateroom to him/herself and the petty officers double bunk.
  • Gunnery Section- A Master Gunner (Warrant Officer) leads five highly proficient petty officers man the gunner's modules that remotely control the ship's 2 Particle Accelerators turrets and 4 triple mixed turrets (dual pulse laser single sand caster). When not at battle stations they are assigned ship husbandry duties and assist the rest of the crew with daily preventive maintenance tasks. The Master Gunner has a half stateroom, where as the petty officers bunk together in an expanded berth.
  • Medical Officer- The ship's surgeon has a modest sickbay and is assisted by highly capable medical droid. The sickbay contains 4 beds and a modular surgical suite. The ships surgeon is usually a Doctor with several years of practice behind him. The appointment usually given to a medical service Lt. Commander. His/her stateroom is adjoining the sickbay. Also adjacent to sick bay are 6 low berths. They are sometimes used to transport additional consul's staff or as emergency low berths in times of distress.
  • Steward & Services Technician- When a Steward (Warrant Officer) of outstanding culinary reputation and customer service skills is appointed to a consular frigate it is the pinnacle assignment of their career. The consuls select them personally after an interview and sampling their culinary talent. Multi-tasked on such a small vessel the Steward is responsible for stores, the mess, and entertainment. On top of that he /she is trained to assist the ship's medical officer and act as the medic in his absence. The Steward is the only warrant officer with a full stateroom. He is assisted by a mess specialist /protocol droid. The Steward's battle station assignment is in the sick bay assisting the ship's surgeon.
  • Consul and Intendents- The Consul, when embarked, occupies the large stateroom (triple sized) with all the trappings and appoints expected of a senior member of the supreme council. As always the consul has his/her personal Intendent, valet/handmaiden, and personal secretary in tow. Often with larger retinues the valet and secretary double bunk, leaving the additional stateroom free for another Intendent or other personal staff.
  • Consular Guards- The Consul's personal guard consists of a Captain and 8 highly trained commissioned specialists selected from the ranks of the Consular Guard's Commandos They are vigilant with the personal security of the Consul. There is always one Commando always on guard outside the consul's stateroom. In battle conditions two are assigned to the consul for bodily protection and the rest act as ship's troops and assist in damage control efforts. The Captain has his own stateroom and the commissioned specialists each occupy a half stateroom.

1 The computer models mentioned in book 2 and 5 are based on a 70-80s interpretation of CPU's and storage. I have yet to develop a revision of the given cannon on computers, but I believe a Model 5/fib is the beyond the fabled supercomputers that model nuclear weapons and such. At ten tons I figure it better be able to do a lot rather than play Xbox games! I would call it in present day terms a Synaptic Pentium to the nth power.

2 Yes… I admit it… I ripped the idea off from the movie Firefox but it sounds great and the Zhodani are "the masters of psionics". So why not!

3 It is the author's opinion that at higher tech levels the mod 1 and mod 2 computers become more compact and have higher storage and processing speeds. Thus, I have given the fighter a TL-15 Mod 1/fib that acts like a model 2/fib. As much of cannon hound as I am, I just couldn't just bring myself to agree with the rules of Book 2 and 5 on this.

4 Preventive Maintenance System…. It can cause…I better not say :-)

5 Extra Vehicular Activity- The majority of minor repairs can be completed with the droids. Sometimes it will require a vacc-suit EVA to handle certain repairs.

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