The Shivva II Class Patrol Corvette

Created by SVWilson3 using: Book 2: Starships and Book 5: Highguard.

Type: Patrol Corvette
Architect: IAD
Tech Level: 14


         L-6734642-030000-20003-0 MCr 430.996 	600 Tons
Bat Bear            4     4   2   		Crew: 34
Bat                 4     4   2   		TL: 14
Cargo: 6-Tons Low: 6 Fuel: 198.000 EP: 36.000 Agility: 4 ZSNLF: 9
Craft: 6 x 10T Light Fighters, 1 x 15T Ship's Launch
Fuel Treatment: On Board Fuel Purification

AArchitects Fee: MCr 4.310 Cost in Quantity: MCr 344.797

Detailed Description
TONNAGE: 600-tons standard, 8,400- cubic meters, Dispersed Structure Configuration

CREW: : Command Section: 4, Engineering division: 6, Medical 1, Gunnery Division: 6, Flight Section: 7, Services Department: 1 ZSNLF Squad: 9

ENGINEERING: Jump-3, 4G Maneuver, Power plant-6, 36.000 EP, Agility 4

AVIONICS: Bridge, Model/4 Computer

HARDPOINTS: 6 Hardpoints

ARMAMENT & DEFENCES: 2 Triple Missile Turrets in 2 Batteries (Factor-3), 4 Triple turrets with Pulse Lasers 4 Batteries (Factor-2) and single sandcasters (Factor-3).

CRAFT: 6x10-ton Chanjitl Light Fighters (Crew of 1), 1x15-ton Ship's Launch (Crew of 0)

FUEL: 183- Tons Fuel (3 parsecs jump and 15 days endurance) No Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

MISCELLANEOUS: 28.0 Staterooms, 6 Low Berths, 6.000 Tons Cargo

COST: MCr 435.306 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 4.310), MCr 344.797 in Quantity

CONSTRUCTION TIME: CONSTRUCTION TIME: 99 Weeks Singly, 79 Weeks in Quantity

Class Notes:
In the past the Shivva class (Tl:13) Patrol Frigate was a common sight along the frontiers of the consulate. Since the Fifth Frontier War the class was revised due to the heavy losses experienced. Following the Naval review of 1112 it was revised to TL 14 standards. The Shivva II class was produced. First produced in 1113 the class was re-designated a Patrol Corvette due to the functionality, size and capability. Many of the original Shivvas have been refitted and upgraded to the Shivva II specifications. The Shivva is still encountered in the backwater areas of the Consulate and client states. The Shivva II is the now the predominate class of military patrol vessel found regulating and protecting commerce in and in the surrounding space the Zhodani Consulate.

  • Fighters- The Fighter Section consists of six 10-ton Chanjitl light fighters. They are stored in the underbelly of the ship consistent with present Zhodani Naval Design Philosophy. The Pilots are house in a capsule like cockpit that transports the Pilot via a tubular access way to the awaiting fighter frame where the Cockpit-Capsule integrates with the frame and is launch for operations. The pilot is recovered the same way but in reverse. Much of the Maintenance is performed by the Engineer droids during EVAs in the fighter housings underneath the ship.

  • Launch- The Ships launch is a 15- ton boat that handles many of the re-supply and boarding operations.


  • Command Section- The command section consists of a Ship's Captain (Lieutenant Commander), an Executive Officer (Lieutenant), a Communications/Electronic Warfare Officer (Lieutenant Junior Grade), and a Naval Intelligence Officer (Lieutenant junior grade-telepath).

  • Engineering Division- The engineering division is lead by a Chief Engineer (Lieutenant) and his is assisted by the MPA (Warrant Officer) on board there are four Engineering Petty officers that perform maintenance and repairs for the ships drives and assist with damage control efforts. The Section is supplemented by 4 Engineering droids that assist by performing the PMS tasks and EVA's for repairs.

  • Gunnery Division- The gunnery division is lead by a Master Gunner (Warrant Officer) and he has five very well trained Gunnery petty officers at his command that man the ships weaponry.

  • Flight Section- The Flight Section is Lead by a Lieutenant and he leads six other pilot officers who rotate in manning the six fighters and ship's launch. When at battle stations the remaining pilot officer is on the bridge serving as a telepathic director to the fighters.

  • Medical Department- An Independent Duty Corpsman is the attending medical specialist for the corvette. He is assisted by a medical droid.

  • Services Department- The Services Department is headed by a senior petty officer who acts as stores keeper, mess specialist and also acts as the ship's clerk. The Service Specialist is assisted by a mess droid and an administrative droid.

  • ZNSLF Squad- The Zhodani Naval Special Landing Force Squad Consists of a Sergeant commanding Two fire teams lead by Corporals containing a Fusion Gunner, Rifleman and Grenadier. The squad is tasked with boarding and landing operations supporting the normal duties during a patrol. At battle stations they are used as ship's Troops and assist with damage control efforts.

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