Vlezdre' Class Light Cruiser

By: Vaughan Wilson

Ship: Vlezdre'
Class: Vlezdre'
Type: Light Cruiser
Architect: Tliazhashal (LLC)
Tech Level: 14


         CL-H233753-242300-55904-1 MCr 6,437.165 8 KTons
Bat Bear             5     423 2        Crew: 194
Bat                  5     423 2          TL: 14
Cargo: 70.500 Fuel: 2,960.000 EP: 560.000 Agility: 3 Ships Troops: 8 ZSNLF: 54
Craft: 21 x 25T Fighters, 1 x 50T Ships Boat, 1x25T Launch Tubes, 4x10T Assault Speeders
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 1 x Model/2 Computer 1 x Bridge

Architects Fee: MCr 64.372 Cost in Quantity: MCr 5,149.732

Detailed Description
TONNAGE: 8,000.000 tons standard, 112,000.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

CREW: 21 Officers, 98 Ratings, 21 Pilots, 1 ZSNLF Platoon (54 Naval Infantrymen)

ENGINEERING: Jump-3, 3G Maneuver, Power plant-7, 560.000 EP, Agility 3

AVIONICS: Bridge, Model/5 Computer 1 Backup Bridge, 1 Model/2 Backup Computer

HARDPOINTS: 3 100-ton bays, 50 Hardpoints

ARMARMENT: 3x 100-ton Particle Accelerator Bays (Factor-9), 10 Dual Missile Turrets in 2 Batteries (Factor-4), 20 Dual Pulse Laser Turrets in 4 Batteries (Factor-5), 10 Dual Plasma Gun Turrets in 2 Batteries (Factor-5)

DEFENCES: 10 Dual Sandcaster Turrets in 5 Batteries (Factor-4), Nuclear Damper (Factor-3), Meson Screen (Factor-2), Armored Hull (Factor-2)

CRAFT: Carried Squadron-21x 25 ton Fighters (Crew of 1), 1x 50 ton Ships Boat (Crew of 2), 1x 25 ton Rapid Launch Tube

FUEL2,480.000 Tons Fuel (3 parsecs jump and 30 days endurance) On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

106.0 Staterooms (1 Reserved Flag/Consular Stateroom), 70.500 Tons Cargo, 24 Reconnaissance Probes, 4x10ton Assault Speeders

COST MCr 6,501.537 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 64.372), MCr 5,149.732 in Quantity

156 Weeks Singly, 125 Weeks in Quantity

The Vlezdre' Class Light Cruiser first appeared a few months before the outbreak of the Fifth Frontier War. The Vlezdre' and her sister ship Vlezabr are the first of the class and where laid down at Pri (0601-Letlansh/Iakr) in 1101. By 1106 they had completed their shake down cruises and were assigned to the 17th & 18th Cruiser Squadrons respectively. Although they are classified as light cruisers they are moderately armored and heavily armed for their size at the cost of range and speed. Offensively, they rely on the three batteries of 100-ton Particle Accelerator Bays to engage and defeat the enemy. The class is designed for aggressive reconnaissance in advance of the heavy cruisers and to screen them against the other light cruisers, heavier destroyers and System Defense Boats encountered in Imperial Space. With the outbreak of the war all production stopped on the other 8 hulls laid down. To maintain the fleet resources where channeled to refit and repair of existing capital ships. Both the Vlezdre' and the Vlezabr survived the conflict and had performed up to expectations for the class. During the post-war refit a thorough board of naval inquiry by the Zhodani Navy and the Bureau of Zhodani Naval Architects was concluded on and then modified the class. Implementing these modifications the remaining eight hulls where completed (1114) and are known as Batch 1 Mod 1s. Where as the original two ships of the class are known as Batch 1 Mod 0. The Second generation of the class (Batch 2) has been laid down and a total of 16 have been completed since(1116) and another 16 more are under construction at naval shipyards at Pri and Yeprdrebzdi (0726-Anshieprlenzh/Ziafrplians). The batch 1 cruisers are deployed in the 10th, 14th -19th Cruiser Squadrons along the borders of the Imperium and Vargr Extents. The Vlezdre' and her sister ship are both now in 84th Cruiser Squadron deployed in the Iakr (Foreven) sector along the frontier.

The ship is built using Book 5 High Guard rules.

Other Notes:

  • The carried fighter squadron is supplemented with a small team of psionic adepts who add to the combat efficiency and flexibility to the fighters when deployed.
  • There is a Flag/Consular Stateroom on bored that is the equivalent of three staterooms combined, when not occupied it is used as an officer's lounge.
  • A Platoon of Zhodani Special Naval Landing Force is assigned to each cruiser as ship's troops for security, boarding parties and surface actions. It is lead by an Officer and assisted by a Warrant officer as his second in command, the command team is reinforced by a Staff Corporal (clerk), a Forward Observer and a Medical Specialist. The Platoon is further broken down into 2 sections each lead by a Fleet Sergeant and a Sergeant who assist him. Each section is composed of three Nine-man squads; lead by a Sergeant and two Corporals, who are the fire team leaders that assist him. Each fire team is composed of an Automatic Rifleman, a Rocket Grenadier and a Rifleman. They are armed for surface operations at TL 14 with Gauss rifles, Light VRF Gauss guns, Tac-Missile launchers & combat armor. There are four 10 ton Assault speeders capable of carrying each a squad and armed with VRF Gauss guns and Tac-Missiles. For shipboard duties the platoon s armed with laser pistols and carbines for vessel defense.
  • The 24 Reconnaissance probes are used in gathering intelligence in hostile star systems. They can be used in passive an actives modes and have an operational life of 6 months due to the small fusion reactor they carry. Lightly armed for self-defense and possessing a wide sweeping array of electronic, seismic and visual sensors they are capable of operating in deep space and on planetary surfaces they enable the cruiser to stay on the leading edge of the information/intelligence war. If disabled and recovered by non-Zhodani forces they have a built in self destruct device equivalent to a .1megaton yield nuclear weapon.

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