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In a argument You
already know what everyone is going to say.
are convinced that You are superior because You think You are right.
know that You don't have to listen, since You can read about the subject in a library.
are easily insulted if Your arguments are questioned.
don't care, since Your superiors will decide anyway.
can easily convince anyone that You are right.

If You think Your best friend is anti patriotic, You will
report him/her to the secret police.
report him/her to his/hers employer.
challenge him/her to a duel.
persuade him/her to change his/her mind.
kill him/her.
do nothing.

When working with something difficult, you will
search the library.
let someone with a better temper work on it.
assign a committee to solve the problem.
let the technicians work on it.
block out any other thoughts.
work hard for the cause.

What is most important in life?
To own as much land as possible.
To be charismatic.
To get other people to do what You want.
That everyone is happy.
To be recognized as superior to everyone else.
To live like we have always done.

A charismatic leader is someone who
can persuade you to do what he/she wants you to do.
is the leader that you never question.
is the leader of the party.
is the leader of the corporation.
is the one who owns the most land.
can kick Your butt.

Violence is
best done by the warriors.
sometimes necessary to stop others aggression.
sometimes necessary to convince others that Your view is right.
an option, if there is enough resources available.
best done by someone else.

You favourite food is
a nice steak.
a piece of fermented meat soaked in NaOH for months and then cooked in acids for several days.
a piece of raw meat.
a very well hung (almost decomposed) steak.
a vegetarian meal.
fruits, nuts and insects.

Your favourite number is

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