13 thoughts on “Highest Zhodani Jump?”

  1. The Zhodani have a few TL-15 planets, so the maximum should be jump-6.

    I will double check this with a few “canon” and “semi-canon” sources.

    I pronounce Zhodani “Zoo-daa-ni”. My version is biased by my native language which is Swedish. (The “ni” would be like in the Monty Python movie, with the knights that say “ni”)

    There was a discussion about pronunciation at the TML in june 2004.

  2. My group has always pronounced it Joe daw NI and the imperials refered to them as the dirty Joes.

  3. I have always suspected that the Zhos were capable of jump 6 although probably not in great numbers.

  4. The pronuncitation of Zhodani was brought up way back when. The two “approved” pronuncitations were:

  5. I have always pronounced it “Zoh -Dah-Nee”. Also Very few ships would be J6 capable, and given the importance of the core expeditions I would suspect the focus of such production. J6 Warships are a waste.

  6. In the Mongoose setting the Zhodani have achieved TL14, which would mean J-5 engines at best with J-6 prototypes available to the consulate only. (at twice the size and cost, according to MGP: High Guard).

    Also I ‘agree’ with Swordworlder on the pronunciation as it is the way I always pronounced it myself.

    Not sure on the intended pronunciation though! I dislike the way Joe-danny and Sho-danny sound because I’m biased to Zho-Dah-Nee now.

  7. The Mongoose setting also provides in the psion book two powers that the Zhodani could use in conjunction with there jump drives. The main power is drive augmentation which could push them past jump 6.

  8. Using misjump could also take (any powers) jumprating above 6. If enough ships are used, some ships will do a long jump in the right directing and can then forward its information to the next group of misjumpers.

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