The 4518th Lift Infantry Brigade (Duke Of Reginia’s Own Huscarles)

Shoulder Service Insignia 


On a blue silhouetted right cylinder 3 inches (7.62 cm) in height and 2 inches (5.08 cm) in width overall within a 1/8 inch (.32 cm) with a Maroon Central Stripe, 3 stars arrayed above a Unicorn’s Profile with the point of a bayonet in the background. A sunburst in the foreground at the bottom

4518th Lift Infantry Brigade Shoulder Service Insignia


The Blue background alludes to the vastness of space and the branch color of the infantry. The maroon central stripe is homage to the presently serving seconded Imperial Marines within the brigade, but also  legacy of of the unit origins form the Imperial Marine cadre that founded the unit after the 2nd Frontier War. The Three stars are in remembrance of the Thrid, Fourth and Fifth Frontier Wars where the brigade fought with valor and steadfast loyalty to the Imperium. That very loyalty and service in the Imperial Army is again seen in the sunburst in the foreground. The Unicorn’s profile is the personal crest of the Duke of Regina, of which the brigade serves as the primer household troops, but also represents the “Emergent Unicorn” (also known as the Bridled Steed) constellation spanning the Chronor and Jewell subsectors and recalls the fierce battles where the Huscarles gave the supreme sacrifice during the Third Frontier War in the service of their Duke and the 3rd Imperium. The bayonet point in the background is the current steadfast vigilance and readiness to defend the spinward marches now and in the future.

Created: 28 Jan 2011 by Sword Worlder

10 thoughts on “The 4518th Lift Infantry Brigade (Duke Of Reginia’s Own Huscarles)”

  1. I like it. May I inquire to what software you are using to create the logo? Earlier this morning I posted a few mercenary unit logos I created using Inkwell Ideas Heraldry app, but its limited.

  2. The crest is a distinctive unit insignia, this is a shoulder sleeve insignia…check out the US Army Institute of Heraldry.

  3. Hello from France

    It is a very nice patch. Would you mind if I use the patch for my own collection ? I would like to made 20 patches for my players enjoyement.

    Did you think to do a Sylean ranger patch ?

    Best regards,


  4. Note that this post is not by me (Berka). It is Swordworlder who made this patch. You may use it for you own personal games. But you are not allowed to use it in other way without permission from the artist.

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