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Oh my God, it’s full of Tables!

I got Traveller5 from Marc Miller today. I have looked through it. It is huge! The rules seem clearer on some points than in other versions. There are lots of help for both experienced traveller players and for new. But new players may get scared since the book is so huge and some rules are quite complex.

The Charted Space that we know is used. I thought the book would have been more generic since I have read about the extended tech-level tables and sophont generation. But I still want to create my own ATU for Traveller5.

One thing that I just had to check was the planet creation rules. Was is like Book-3, T4 and T20 or like Book-6, MT and TNE. It’s on page 433. It is like Book-3, T4 and T20, Hydrographics = 2d-7+atmosphere. But in T5 a concept called Flux is used.

Traveller 5
My Traveller 5

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10 thoughts on “Oh my God, it’s full of Tables!”

  1. So, what would you say to a former MT player who went back to CT, never tried TNE or T4, or GT, or MgT? Should I consider changing over to T5, or should I stay with the TTB and my notebooks full of house rules?

  2. The Traveller5 book is full of hints of future adventures and modules. Some that might explain or expand on “charted space” in the OTU as we know it today. I think it will be possible to enjoy any future adventures with any Traveller rules.

    So unless you think that you for some reason really want it, stay with your old rules and your house rules.

  3. Reading through the sophont generation I notice that the homeworld creation (page 548) contradicts what is written on page 433. In the homeworld creation, Book-6, MT and TNE style is used. Hydrographics = 2d-7+size.

    I must check the errata!

  4. I hope you do not feel betrayed after my review! What I like about the world creation is that you can stop at any point – the obvious point is after generating the the cultural and economic details but before going onto other bodies in the system. Even then there are obvious places you can stop – e.g. just do the inner system. Map As Only Really Necessary is integrated neatly into system generation. Although 2D-7 gives the same result as Flux, I’ve grown rather fond of “Flux”.

  5. No, your review is great. I just didn’t expect so many tables.
    I have also found some other gems in the rules that I have not read about in any reviews. I might write something about that later.

  6. Thanks BeRKA, for the suggestion. I’m pretty content with MTU, so I’ll stay with CT Rules. Although if I get a chance to read the T5 rules, I probably will, just to mine it for ideas. Isn’t that half the fun of our hobby, reading something and then saying “I think I could make that work in my game if I do this and this and this . . . “?

  7. That is exactly what I would have done if I didn’t had the book. There are lots of good stuff in the Traveller5 book that you cannot find in other Traveller rules. Try to get a chance to read it. Then decide if you need it.

  8. I would love to see some indication of future product release for T5, it seems odd to provide core rules (very pragmatic core rules) and not back up quickly with supporting adventures and splat books that get the juices flowing.

  9. Well there is “Cirque” (from Greylock Publishing Lines) that is an amazing 186 pages adventure.

    But I also want to see some more products from FFE.

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