SuSAG vs. Slavers

Ticket: SuSAG vs. Slavers                    Commando                         Platoon

Background: SuSAG Robotics wants to force a Planetary government to open their market to automation products.  Slavery is quietly allowed, with all Slaves transiting through a secondary “Weather Monitoring” Space Station in the Shadow of the Planetary moon.  Exposing Slavery will embarrass the Planetary Government into opening their markets to automation products.

The Space Station
The Space Station – Image from NASA – Public Domain

Mission: Cr 1,000,000, success only, for a Platoon sized unit to board the Station, eliminate the 80 guards, and release the 800-1,000 Slaves in the current inventory.  Once (and only once!) the Station is secure, a bulk SuSAG freighter with a Patrol Cruiser escort will carry everyone off to safety.  Roughly 30% of the guards are on duty at any time, with 5 at least in Combat Armor.  SuSAG wants as many Slaves alive as possible, to “reveal the terrible truth”.  If the Platoon does not seize the Station quickly enough, a distress call to the Planet will bring a Reaction Force of two Shuttles and troops with a Fighter escort.  Also, if a Slavers’ ship shows up during the operation, they will assist the Station Personnel.

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