Patron: Terrorist
Required Skills: None
Required Equipment: None
Location: Any world

Players’ Information:
While enjoying a night on the town after concluding their day’s business, the heroes notice that one of their servers seems to be putting on a brave face about something — and failing. Inquiring if they could be of any help, the woman first refuses, but then seems to think twice and takes the group into her confidence:

She is recently separated her husband, a local lawyer who counts several organized crime figures among his clients. Her plan is to divorce him and thus free herself from the near-constant presence of mobsters and their aides. But thanks to a combination of legal skill and good connections, he has never been convicted of anything. Even though he treated her well and she wanted for nothing, she had noticed her husband becoming more and more involved with the criminals outside the courtroom.

In her departure, she left behind several items of a sentimental nature, which she can live without, except one: a holograph her ex keeps on his person. The image is of her with her ex in happier times, along with her late mother. The holo is one of the few images the server has of her mother and she wants it back.

Simply asking for the photo is out of the question; so far she has managed to elude her ex, but were she to reappear, one of his aides would doubtless track her back to her home. She is willing to hire the PCs to retrieve the photograph for her. How they do it is of no concern of hers, as long as her ex can’t find her. She offers to turn over her life savings — Cr 6,000 — if the group will accept the task of retrieving the picture.

Just a big camera?
Just a big camera? – image from wikimedia
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Referees’ Information:
According to his ex-wife, the lawyer frequents an upscale restaurant in the planetary capital, sometimes conducting business there. He has become important to the crime lords, and so has been assigned bodyguards. Two accompany him at all times unless otherwise stated. All bodyguards have weapons up to the planetary Law Level.

The restaurant is very swank. While they aren’t selective as to their clientele, they expect certain behavior from their patrons. A dress code is in place, and any disturbance immediately means a call to the police.

1. The lawyer is alone except for his bodyguards. On a throw of 8+, he has four bodyguards instead of two.

2. The lawyer is alone except for his bodyguards. On a throw of 8+, he has eight bodyguards instead of two.

3. The hologram has hidden information on it, revealed through a multispectral scan. Throw 1D for the nature of the data:

1. The information reveals some personal scandal of the ex-wife. Throw Law Level or less for it to be illegal. Revealing the information results in the wife’s arrest.
2. The information in question will get the lawyer convicted in any court on the planet if it comes out. On a throw of 11+, the information would get the attention of Imperial authorities.
3. The photo contains detailed information on local organized crime. Revealing the information would deal a death-blow to the lawyer’s clients and make him a marked man.
4. The image conceals details on retrieving a valuable treasure (for example, the mother’s will; or a map to a hidden cache of valuables.)
5. The information is to be used to blackmail a local or planetary leader.
6. The hologram contains classified information about regional or planetary military forces. On a throw of 12 exactly, the information pertains to Imperial forces.

4. As 3, but one level worse/better.

5. The lawyer is accompanied by several mob clients and their bodyguards; or (throw 10+) one or more local political leaders, their bodyguards and aides.

6. As 5, but a Zhodani nobles instead of local political leaders.

The referee should determine the flow of subsequent events.

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