Looking for cargo:

Not many ships go from Lititz to Intercourse. But a rare delegation from Intercourse is here at Lititz. Now they need transport home to Intercourse.

The delegation is led by Reverend Mother Bridget Falkirk who is the Super Matriarch of St. Charlotte’s order. There are thirty people in the delegation. Half of them are women: the rest are their male personal servants.

Starship Notorious doesn’t have enough staterooms for 30 people. But the order wants to live in a low tech style, so the cargo hold could work. All that is needed is to clean it out from any remaining bugs and to make it cozy.

The Reverend Mother can pay Cr100,000 for the whole group, but they expect good service.

The Reverened Mother
The Reverend Mother – Public Domain


Ulrik Gask
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Day 2: One of the men (Ulrik) wants to defect from Intercourse and the order and contacts the crew. He is 26 years old and has no useful skills at all.

Day 3: The delegation demand a change in the chain of command so that women decide everything.

Day 4: One of the women in the delegation likes one of the men in the crew. (Roll 1D for all male crew until a one is rolled.) She demands to buy him for Cr1,000.

Day 5: Two days before arrival, about ten pirahna-gnats hatch. The bugs bite a number of people in the delegation. They get very upset and demand a refund.


At Intercourse:

The Starship Notorious should land at the starport. Fuel (water) can be acquired from the river or the small ocean.

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