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Missing HOME!

I remembered seeing “HOME” on the mail atlas and in the Solomani Rim modules. But not in the GAL24 mapping system or any databases I came across.

So… I placed it where I could detect from the original maps where it is supposed to be.

Here is my GAL24 data sheet on the system …Home / Aldebaran / ALDEBARAN……

World: Home
Subsector: ALdebaran
Sector: Aldebaran
Coordinates: 1008 (B0208)

Starport: Excellent
Size: Large – 10207 mi
Atmosphere: Standard
Hydrographics: 71.93% water
Population: 11.57 billion
Govt: Feudal Technocracy
Law Level: Police State
Technology: High Stellar
Life: Sentient
Resource: Rich
Export: Information/Research
Planetoid Belts: 4
Gas Giants: 5

Allegiance: Solomani
Bases: Solomani Headquarters
Trade Codes: Hi
Travel Zone: Green

Notes : All Solomani Political operations is situated here.
Even though TAS rating is green, as one approaches the system, the
“Home Guard” will board you and place a security force on board of
your vessel and also do the piloting to appropriate port.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Hopes this helps some!


Unexplored Sectors Help needed

Hello all!

I’m needing help in detailing some sectors that is near Solomani Rim area.

They are Rim Reach and Phlange.

Also I have created one that is to the left of RimReach and rimward of Malorn Sectors, called Yelkceb.

If you want to help, contact me at baron_von_greylord (at)

I also have an e-group that is where I store my SARs.

The files are in the Files / Un Explores space of the E-Group.

Be fun to do this from a starting point in the Aldebaran sector and make the way to those sectors. I like to see this done in “play” mode. But it is only an option.

Please contact me directly for further details and to relay your notes/findings to me for collection.

I like to use this group as a point of general discussions of the Solomani Are of space and Berka has been gracious to add Solomani Rim to his forum listing! Thanks Berka!

Again, Thanks folks


Forum EPS : Does anyone know where I can get a free web hosting site for my TRAVELLER stuff! My ISP only allows me 10 meg and it is took up by my Storm Chasing site. Ed – BvG39

Mapping of unknown sectors

I’m currently starting on mapping the sectors of RimReach and Phlange.

Also the sectors that is to the left of Banners.

I like to have help in doing so. I have an e-group at yahoo. All are welcome.

I’m not much in writing details, like some I’ve seen, and those who wish to write such, will be greatly appreciated.

I like to start on some detailing on Banners as well as Malorn to set the stage for the adjacent sectors.

Thanks in advance
Baron von Greylord XXXIX