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Patron: Scientist
Required Skills: combat
Required Equipment: weapons
Players’ Information:
The group is contacted by Doctor Wilson Curculionidae and Cassandre Cameroon. The Doctor would like to hire the group as bodyguards for himself and his research team. He explains he has hired Ms. Cameroon (Hunting 4) to go on a safari mission to Cigura (E676500)(Hex 0205) in the Fessor Subsector to collect zeroster.

This animal while not dangerous is difficult to track and is prey for several dangerous carnivore species. Doctor Curculionidae believes he can develop several cosmetic items from it which will be more readily acceptable in the current market. There is an environmental group called Natural Body who are against this and have made several veiled threats to the Doctor and his three research assistants. One member of the group will need to accompany Ms. Cameroon on her hunts while the others will need to provide security on the Doctor’s lab ship and anytime the Doctor or his staff must go to the surface.

The group will be paid Cr. 500 per week each or Cr. 100 upfront and .5% of any profits made from sales of anything developed during the mission. The Doctor expects the hunting and on site research to last 8 weeks. Travel and accommodations will be provided aboard the Doctor’s lab ship (The Pretty Princess).


Image from wikimedia. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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