More Adventure Hooks

Adventure Hooks for the Foreven Sector.

Anika Subsector

1, The job no one wants (Hamagast).
The Zhodani embassy at Hamagast needs new supplies. It is a high paying job, but for some reason, a trader never does it twice. When the ship arrives, it is first placed in quarantine. After a week, it can unload, and the crew may leave the ship. Every piece of equipment and every supply for the embassy will be examined and tested in various way to ensure that it is safe. Often this testing destroys the object. That could also include the clothes that the crew is wearing. When the supplies are delivered, an amount from the pay will be deducted equal to the supplies that has been destroyed. The H’Mag will not refund anything.

2, ZRS raid at Tlebria.
The ZRS (The Zhodani psionic IRS) makes a surprise visit to Tlebria, to see if their books are up to date, and if Iadria Vlovl should pay more taxes. The Iadria Vlovl already thinks it pays enough and has therefore located its headquarters outside the Zhodani Consulate. Now they are in a hurry to get their secrets on a ship and out of the system before the ZRS can sense them. Will they escape? Will they be captured by the Zhodani or by someone else?

Fessor Subsector

1, Groat run on Elindu
The PCs are hired to transport live groat to a range. When unloading at the starport, they get to know that they must transport the groats to the range them self. (They can hire some men to help them.) They will have to transport the animals over the steppe and try to lose as few as possible. They can meet dangerous animals. Other rangers that wants to steal the animals. There might be bad weather. They must also deal with the local religion and their strange habits.

2, Sabotage on Rematen
With no real government to control what is going on, the Zhodani Way station seems like an easy target. The Imperium hires some persons to dig new tunnels that goes close to the Zhodani Way station. They will then place powerful explosives there. Will the Zhodani notice this attempt? Will they capture the imperial agents? Will the agents flee before the bomb goes off? Will the Zhodani be able to disarm the bomb?

Lassana Subsector

1, The Ruins at Wanb
In the higher grounds there is not much oxygen, so the ruins of the extinct Wanb civilization has been preserved. Who were they? The PCs are hired by a professor form the university of Meltrand to examine some of the sites. Why did they become extinct and why? Can we learn something? Can we find something valuable?

2, Water for Canwell

A planetologist from the university of Rull has settled on Canwell. His dream is to terraform the planet. He thinks there is enough water already present. The planet would just need an initial boost and some cooling to release its water. The PCs are secretly hired to transport shiploads of water to Canwell. When the planetologist feel that there is enough water, he wants the PCs to tow a small asteroid on collision course with Canwell so that the dust from the impact will cool the planet. Smuggling water is a crime, and should the local authorities find out about the rest of the plan, they would not be very happy at all…

Lieber Subsector

1, Infiltrator at Shtiem.
A group of students has arrived from a secret psionic institute in the Imperium. What they do not know is that among them is Imperial agent trying to get as much information as possible, both about the imperials, and about the Zhodani University. The PCs can be the group from the imperium. One of the (not known by the other players) can be the infiltrator.

2, Checkup on Jiatsar.
There have been reports of violations against common Zhodani rights at the planets of Jiatsar. Noble Zhodani that have visited the planet reports that they have been treated unrespectful. Now, a team of intendants are sent to investigate.

Massina Subsector

1, Droyne ship visiting Rayarkfost.
A hi-tech Droyne ship has visited the planet Rayarkfost. The Zhodani do not know where it came form or where it will go next. When they tried to hail it, two Shivva class ships was destroyed. Th PCs are a group of investigators that go to Rayarkfost to find out what happened there, and then tries to find the ship.

2, History class on Zde’dier.
The imperials are secretly sponsoring history classes on Zde’dier. The classes are about the good ol’ days when this planet was known as Strindberg. The Zhodani has just figured this out, and now the impies with some of their students must flee through Zhodani space, where they now also are wanted for kidnapping.

Mowbrey Subsector

1, Raid on Ibrolelis.
A mercenary unit that haven’t had a assignment for a long time, (since they have a bad reputation,) decided that they need some cash. They land near a sapphire mine and tries to steal as much as possible. Unfortunately for them, the mine is heavily guarded.

2, Fixing the “High-lottery” at Eronirabo.
The PCs are asked by a local leader to help him to win the “high-lottery”. The “high-lottery” is not just a lottery. There are also some difficult math problems (code cracking) that must be solved. The PC’s are asked to get a TL-14 computer from Fessor, to help him with this, since the local computers are to slow.

Pieplow Subsector

1, Not found on Dled.
A jump capable lifeboat from the huge luxury liner Kochrlenz arrives at Pieplow. It is packed with people in poor condition. They say that the liner has crash landed on the northern icecap at Dled. The coordinates are in the computer. When the rescue team arrive, they cannot find the ship. What has happened?

2, The beast at Epriatlech.
The research base Epriatlech study the Droyne. Now they have captured a leader and pumped him full of different psi-drugs. Suddenly the Droyne disappears (even though the room was psionically shielded). After a while, the staff at the base starts to die in horrible ways. Now the survivors must find and kill the Droyne before it escapes from the base. Maybe they must initiate the self destruct sequence…

Shial Subsector

1, Help rebels at Ezh Kadep.
A group of Imperial agents help the rebels build psi-helmets.

2, Stop bombing Frapi.
A long-range psionic scan has detected sentient life on Frapi. Now the University of Shtiem demands that it cannot be used as a naval practice ground until the cause has been found. (Shipwreck or Aliens or something else?)

3, Secret Base at Dybun.
Imperial agents set up a secret base at Dybun…

Shivva Subsector

1, Espionage on Shivva.
Imperial agent(s) with either implanted psi-shied or an even more secret agent with psi capabilities tries to steal the plans (or sabotage) for the new TL-15 Shivva-III Patrol Frigate. Player(s) can either be agent or Zhodani thought police.

2, Uprising on Sutiano.
Some of the Sutianos feel that they are second class citizens. If they don’t get better terms and pay, they threaten to strike. However, the leaders of the uprising have recieved funding from the Imperium. Now it’s up to the Zhodani police, to stop the uprising and tell the truth about the situation. But some of the Sutianos refuse to listen…

Titan Subsector

1, Air fishing at Nordstrom
The fishing fleets float in the thick atmosphere like giant whales, supported by anti-G thrusters. Recently, the fishing fleets have collected much less than normal. Why? The PCs are hired to investigate. The PCs goes on an air-fishing vessel to investigate. It is an ecological collapse. The company does not like their findings. The captain of the fishing boat is ordered to make it look like an accident… Even if the PCs survive and take over the boat, there is no safe “Harbor” for them…

2, Intrigue on Titan
Titan is governed by a Dictator helped by the upper class in a feudal/corporate like system. Now one of the local lords thinks he might be strong enough to challenge the leader. But for this he needs help from other discontent lords. But first he needs to find out who is discontent. The PCs are hired to visit other lords to try to find out what they think. This is very risky since asking the wrong questions might draw unwanted attention.

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