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Dune – House Harkonnen

A few years ago I read Dune – House Atreides. Now I have read the next one of the prequels. Dune – House Harkonnen.

We get to know more about the Harkonnen family and a few new characters are introduced. Not all are bad.

But the bad and stupid ones do what could be expected of them.

There are also the expected side stories about the Atreides and other important Houses.

A few concepts are introduced a bit too early here. Things that didn’t exist until later in the original series. That is a bit annoying. But other than that, I thought the book was quite good. (But don’t read it until you have read all of the original Dune books first. The originals are a lot better.)

Harkonnen flag – Image from wikimedia – CC-BY-SA-4.0 license

Dune – House Atreides

I first read Dune in 1984. I liked it a lot and later read and enjoyed the five sequels.

When I read Dune and the following novels by Frank Herbert I could see where the ideas for the nobles in Traveller has got (some of) its inspiration from. I also liked the style in which these books was written, with chapters about the different adversaries that met in a confrontation in the final chapters.

Other than that there wasn’t many ideas from the books that could be used in Traveller. There are no personal shields in Traveller, nor are there any Guild monopoly for transportation, and not much cloning (with restored memories) either. But this doesn’t matter. These books are still a great source for inspiration for Traveller just because of how the nobles are describes. It is also some of the best science fiction that I have read.

Now I have read one of the new prequels called House Atreides by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. This was an interesting book written in the same style as Frank Herbert’s Dune novels. It described the intrigues of the nobility in the Dune Universe very nicely, and the book also had a good plot. Now I just must read the rest of the prequels. 🙂

Arrakis - Dune

Original image from wikimedia. License Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic