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More memes

If you are not a member of the Traveller RPG Memes group at facebook, you might have missed my latest memes.

Are they talking about you? They may be talking about me…

Meme Whisper

Cepheus Deluxe is quite new. Added at DriveThruRPG in September. Before it existed, the meme could have looked like this.

Meme Gossip

When the players have seen Alien and/or played Annic Nova.

Meme UNO

What type of Traveller party is your group?

Meme Firefly - Red Dwarf

Have you tried the updated Subsector Generators yet?

Meme Subsector

Traveller Memes

I have made a few Traveller memes in the past. A new facebook group about Traveller memes started recently. There I posted one of my memes and John Watts (from GKG) posted another of my memes.

Both of these memes were about Cepheus Engine.


I made the one above for a post about Cepheus Engine.

cepheus vs. mongoose

The one above was made just for fun. Mongoose had changed the license agreement for the small publishers. Almost all of them started using Cepheus Engine instead. Continue reading Traveller Memes