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Foreven Canon Question

I’m curious as to which parts of your Foreven sector are canonical and which are invented. The subsector names, the worlds placement, and the political borders are canon, yes?

I’ve found sources which claim that there are only 5 world names and UPPs in Foreven which are canonical: Alenzar, Raschev, Hollis, Reidain and Urnian. Is this correct?

While I respect the work put in on zho.berka’s version of Foreven, if you could also post a “just the canon” version of Foreven as well, it would make it a lot easier on Ref’s like myself who want to make use of the sector’s “Ref’s preserve” status for a homebrew campaign, but don’t have access to Imperiallines #1. We need to know which parts are OTU canon and which parts are open to development.

Thanks for your time and attention,