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EDIT: March 13st, 2008 (by BeRKA)
This was the first post from the old board hosted at zho.berka.com.

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  1. Thanks and Hello to all here…My name is what it says, Thankee Berka!
    Traveller is my second ever RPG rule set I mastered, and its the one that I still play now. I curently run a PBeM campaign using Classic Traveller (CT) rules with HG / Scouts thrown in. Background is cannoal up to 1054 3I. My TUniverse has it all (nope Enterprise is the universe next to this one), come one come all! But be prepared to THINK!

    To kick it off, What Core stuff have you done to date in Your Universe? John Strain

  2. Hi!

    Nice that You found your way here.

    I know the PbeM that John is referee-ing will be very interesting. (Too shy to tell us?) So I am looking forward to knowing more.
    I hope John will eventually post something here under “Adventures” or “Mapping”…

    To have a peek at his PbeM.

    Core Sector at the Zhodani Base is the same as in galactic 2.4

  3. Now the Core Sector is updated to the same stats used at the core website.

    The stats in the galactic version was incomplete.

  4. Soon there will be some new Zhodani info here, but at the moment there are no plans for any SwordWorld stuff in the near future.

    After that I will make a web based program that I hope is useful for everyone.

    Someday (in the future) I will post my 15000 ton (TL-11) SworldWorld battleship and some adventure with that…

    Maybe I should start a wish list…
    And please submit anything to make this site better…

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