Adventure Hooks

The Fugitives.

An old Freighter (400-tons) is smuggling fugitives from a poor
or lowtech or dictator ruled world.

The freighter is rusty, and some of the internal bulkheads
is not working. When it enters the system it is hit by a meteroid.
The ship is leaking, and it is crowded, and there are not enough
space suits…

The PCs can be fugitives, or crew of the ship, or rescue crew.
All situations will be interesting…

3 thoughts on “Adventure Hooks”

  1. The stolen air/raft

    While on a lowtech world, the PCs air/raft get stolen by a drunk
    teenager (or maybe he was high on a local drug). The drunken
    teenager has no previous experience with flying an air/raft
    and he crashes into a kindergarden killing 2 children and
    injuring 5 more.

    What will the local media and police do.
    Will they blame the PCs because it was their air/raft?
    Was it the PCs fault that the air/raft was too easy to steal?
    Maybe the teenager is the son of a local noble…

    This could lead to more crimes, and maybe a rescue mission…

  2. The confession.

    A drug addict has just confessed the murder of the Marquis of this planet that happened 15 years ago to the local media. For the confession he was paid Cr. 200.

    Did he relly kill the Marquis, or did he just want the money…

    The PCs is hired by the new Marquis to find out how this drug addict could have done this, and if it really was him, to arrest him.

    Or, the PCs could be hired by a rival local media, that has another theory about the murder.

    Or, the PCs could be hired by someone who don’t want to say his name, but is willing to pay Cr. 20.000 to have the drug addict killed.
    (This person could be the one who actually paid the drug addict to kill the Marquis 15 yars ago…)

  3. Artificial Kidney.

    SuSAG is a huge MegaCorp in the 3:rd Imperium.
    They specializes in drugs, medical products and chemical products,
    but they also do lots of other stuff.

    Often SuSAG buys parts for its products from subcontactors.
    One subcontractor is Filteron LIC, located on a mid-tech
    planet where the PCs happens to be.

    Filteron LIC builds filters for implantable artificial kidneys.

    Now, over 200 persons in the sector has died within 5 days
    after getting an artificial kidney from SuSAG.
    All of these faulty kidneys had filters from Filteron LIC.

    Is it sabotage, or just low qaulity filters…

    The PCs could be hired by SuSAG to investigate what has happened,
    since they are offworlders, and therefore not involved in any
    coverup at Filteron LIC.

    The PCs could be hired by relatives to someone that died from
    the faulty filters. This could also be for an investigation, or a revenge.

    Maybe the Imperium is involved. Maybe Imperial agents sabotaged
    one filter, that was to be used in as artificial kidney for a
    known Ine Givar terrorist…
    Did the imperial agent miss to reset the “filter mashine” to its
    original settings, or what happened.
    It could be an interesting scenario if a platoon of Imperial
    Marines suddenly showed up…

    Or maybe it was the Ine Givar that sabotaged the “filter mashine”.
    The Ine Givar knows that it is only the ultra rich that can afford
    SuSAGs artificial kidneys, so this is a good product to sabotage,
    since at least some Nobles will die…
    It could also have been a local group that dislikes the Imperium…

    Things could get more complicated if the local government supports
    Filteron LIC, and also if local politicians have invested in
    the company…

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