Canon Question: Water on Reno?

In the Classic Listings, Reno had hydrographics-2.

In some web-based listings, and in Galactic 2.4,
and in GT:BtC, Reno has no water.

When and How did the water on Reno
(Spinward Marches/Chronor/0102) disappear?

What is Your opinion?

5 thoughts on “Canon Question: Water on Reno?”

  1. In the listing of the Spinward Marches in the MegaT Imperial Encyclopedia, Reno has no water. Since these data are generally considered more up-to-date, I assume they were used in Galactic and GT.


  2. In the real world, GDW either made a mistake, or for some reason
    decided that Reno should have no water.
    (What do You think?)

    In the Traveller Universe, it is harder to explain.
    Did Reno have some water that for some reason disappeared,
    or was the first listing wrong, or is the second listing wrong?
    (It is easier to explain how Regina was uplifted from TL-A to TL-C)

    Jeff Zeitlin had an interesting theory how the water disappeared.
    Reno was visited by the Visitors from “V” that stole the water. 😉

    A better theory would be that something happened. An earthquake
    or an asteroid strike maybe…

    If the listing was wrong in any case, why was it wrong?
    Was the scouts just lazy?
    (Lazy Scout: Lets just guess the UPP for Reno. Who cares about that rock anyway.
    Lets go back to Chronor and have some of that Zhodani Beer, and
    lets meet some of those naive and totally honest zhodani girls…)
    What happened to those lazy scouts when the Scout Service found out
    that they did a poor job?

    Or is there another reason. Maybe there is water there in some
    shallow seas, but that water is too polluted with local algae, so
    it cannot be used as starship fuel, and that is why the second
    listing says no water…

    Maybe You have a better theory?

  3. or maybe is was in a large number of shallow pans that periodically
    dried up and then return over long periods of time…like ebb and flow of glaciers on our planet

  4. Yes, after almost two years someone finally cares!!! 🙂

    I like Your idea, and have thought of something similar, letting Reno have an elliptical orbit, around a bright star.

    Reno isn’t landgrabbed yet…

  5. I take the view that the calibration on some of the sensors might not be optimal; and with the huge task of completing the survey of the current system and then moving to the next system (to do it all over again); some of the data is just there to fill the blanks.

    In other words, YMMV holds so true. I suggest using any UWP as a general guide to be refined on arrival at the particular system in question. Who is to say that the survey taken by some unkown scoiut 70+ years ago is still valid today?

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