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  1. My concept behind playing a zhodani character is were you use the guidelines of a Confuscian society and values. Morality, Relationships and the Exams (for the civil service) are the models on which I am going to begin to digress on as model for the zhodani.

  2. When playing Zhodani, I don’t think You should make them boring. The Zhodani would not normally do anything that is destructive to the society, but every Zhodani still have different goals and motivations in life. There would be some corruption in the higher levels of government. There would be some evil dictators ruling some planets (Jiatsar 1209/Foreven/Iakr). But there would also be the Zhodani PCs, trying to expose the wrongdoers in the Zhodani society.

    Always remeber, the Zhodani are human, and have normal human emotions…

  3. I think the exciting part of the Zhodani Consulate is where the absorption of new worlds in to the consulate is occuring. For intance the Spinward Marches is ideal … many worlds are trying to assimilate in to the consulate.. clashes of ideas and culture occur. The Foreven Sector could have some of this still occuring. Frontier regions have a wild element to them.

    Question… zhodani boring.. why? I suggest this .. you have a conformist culure that sets the norms of behavior and conduct.. as you have pointed out there are wrong doers…there is an element of excitement… even better yet a late blooming prole with ambition… yet attempting to stay safely within the confines of society, but with a drive to advance his or her station. Or the Intenedant surving a weak noble… versus powerful concerns in governemt etc…

    I guess my idea is the inner struggle of the zhodani on all levels… nobles either trying to be worthy of station .. or ” corrupt dictators” Intendants brimming with ambition… proles eager to advance or provide for their children to advance … I maybe wrong … But I think that is good stuff!!!!!

  4. Zhodani emotions … even as they are humans.. I would imagine the deportment of the Zhos would be ‘alien’ How would they express joy, euphoria, hate, saddness, and remorse? Any Ideas?

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