The Zhodani military organization

Did any feel that after a few issues of the JTAS that the GDW staff had a hard time coming up with any ideas of furthering the zhodani thread of the CT universe?

The Zhodani Commando Article was excellent yet I beg to differ on some minor points of TO&E.

The Zho Lift infantry Battalion … I believe was just brushed over due to space.

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  1. Commando Article text is finished … editied five times… I hate spelling and grammer especially my own! Anyway all eight pages are at berka e-box. I hope he feels like he can put it up on the web. Please take time to look at it and give me your feed back.

  2. Well it is almost done I have sent a 95% finished copy of the revised article to berka. First I need to apologize about not completeing it in a timely manner. I am in the US Army and my time has been optimized elsewhere.

  3. Hi, I was surfing looking for information on the Zho military TO&E, and came upon the web site. berka, thanks for building it! I was just wondering if there is a TO&E for Zhodani armored forces (ideally a grav tank brigade or cavalry brigade)?

    I am working on a 6mm Striker game, that can be used as a convention game, and I would like to base the game in the 5th Frontier War time frame. Striker 2 has a Commando & Lift Battalion TO&E, but nothing on “heavier” Zho units.

    Thanks in advance for any help (or points in the right direction).

    – Joe

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