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Berka or anybody else:

Anybody know the star for the Sheyou system and also I have encountered various conflicts in data about the Number of Planetiods, Gas giants and belts (111 as orpoosed to 411) anybody set me straight before I post a land grab)? Also any advice for the mapping and icons and such. Berka I really liked the way your Cipango system landgrab turned out.

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  1. The stars are F4V & M0D.

    The PBG-number is the number for Population modifier, Number of Planetoid Belts and Number of Gas Giants, and for the Classic era it should be 111.

    I’ll get back to You with more info later.

  2. Given the fact that I have already rolled up the system with the limited information you have given me and what I have gamed for my self. I have established the basics of 1 planet two moons, 1 large gas giant- 1 ring 7 moons, a belt and I have done the basic generation for the moons and such.

    I have the following questions: When did the zhodani take contorl of Sheyou?… Was anyone there before?

    THX Spiff

  3. If You look at the historical Spinward Marches maps, it looks like the Impies had an outpost at Sheyou at about 400, and had settled it at about 500, but it was never part of the Imperium.

    It was probably liberated by the Zhodani no later than the third frontier war. (Maybe in the second.)

    I’ll tell You if I find something more, but You could also ask Hans Rancke-Madsen that knows a lot about the Spinward Marches history.

  4. Finally have gotten around to fleshing out some details about the system. I am using the Heaven & Earth format, yet at the same time I am tweeking it some. Send you a rough copy soon for your feedback.

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