Banning the Internet

Surfing the internet or running a webserver became illegal today in Sweden.

From July 1:st, there are new laws saying that it is illegal to download copyrighted material. This means that it would be illegal for me to surf on the web.

It has also been ruled that collecting IP-addresses is illegal, and since every webserver does that, it is now also illegal to run a webserver.

This makes Sweden a lot worse than China! 😯

Some links about this.

The press release from the Swedish Riksdag:

What should I do? Should I stop surfing the web, and close down The Zhodani Base, or should I become a criminal?


2 thoughts on “Banning the Internet”

  1. Obviously you haven’t stopped (which to me is a good thing). But it does bring up a question of did they do anything to rectify this law?

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