The Hermit

Patron: Civil rights activist
Required Skills: None.
Required equipment: None.

Players’ Information:
On a populated world, a guy whose job it was to monitor a dangerous natural / geological / biological situation has been abandoned by his former organization due to losing a war, but has continued on alone in his duties.

A ruthless and ignorant citizen of the conquerors has eyed his domicile and the compound he occupies for his own and intends to have the hermit removed by the new authorities.


Image from New York Public Library’s Digital Library. Public Domain

Referee’s Information:
Someone working for this ruthless citizen has compassion on the hermit and decides to expose his employer and the situation to a friend of yours.

The hermit is
1. trying to get a message off to the planetary university but must squat on the land.

2. a failed, washed-up old scientist desperately hanging on to what’s left of his career.

3. an eccentric scientist who is just as secretly ruthless as the citizen and is planning devastating revenge…

4. on the brink of giving up and fleeing, letting the situation pan out for the absolute worse.

5. sitting on enough coin to hire a small mercenary unit for the festivities and is determined not to be moved.

6. a scientist who is developing a vital medicine and needs someone to fetch one last thing for him before he can leave the place.

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