The Zhodani Base at Facebook

What is the point of having a Zhodani Base page at Facebook?

I hope that this will be a good way to get in contact with the readers and users of the Zhodani Base. I hope we can share ideas. I hope I can get some input on what I will post, before I actually post it here on the Zhodani Base.

Join the Zhodani Base at Facebook, so that You will get the latest news of what is going on, and so that You will also have a chance to influence what I am writing here.

4 thoughts on “The Zhodani Base at Facebook”

  1. I’ve been looking in on your terrific site for years. Don’t get much of a chance to play anymore but I like reading about the Traveller universe.

  2. I have been a fan of The Zhodani Base for a couple of years, and don’t much care for FaceBook. It looks like the “updated content” has wholly moved from this site, which I think is sad. I really like the way The Zhodani Base is set up and organized.

    I will miss it.

  3. The “updated content” will be back.

    Facebook is just for exchanging ideas that might inspire me to write new posts here.

    Recently I have been busy with x-mas, new year, civ-4 and other real life issues. But I have a few good ideas that I eventually will post here.

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