Funeral Escort

Patron: Equerry
Planet: Fessor Sub-Sector – Fessor, 2814 B510999-D
Required Skills: Pilot, Gunner, Medic, Comms
Required Equipment: None

Players’ Information:
The group is approached by James Rask, an equerry of House Farkell. He informs the group that they have been recommended by a local government dignitary of high standing that they are reliable people. They are then told of the sad death of his master, Baron von Farkell in a tragic grav vehicle accident that killed him and his pilot. The Baron was an émigré from Frenzie, in the Vilis subsector of the Spinward Marches. The Equerry wishes to hire your group to take the Baron back to Frenzie to be laid to rest in the House Farkell’s mausoleum, along with the Baron’s effects to be returned to his remaining family.

The cryogenically frozen body and goods are to be transported using modified Scout, Type S. The equerry informs the group that on successful delivery of the Baron and his effects, the Scout ship will be signed over to them as payment. Plus each member of the group receives 10 000 Cr. There will be almost guaranteed future employment from House Farkell.


Image from wikimediaPublic Domain.

Referee’s Information:
The Baron exiled himself to Fessor after an unsuccessful assignation attempt 30 years ago on his home planet of Frenzie. He was injured, but his wife of 25 years was killed. The love for his wife was boundless, and day after she was interned he boarded a scout ship with a small retinue to head for Fessor where his wife’s brother was a leading citizen and would support him. Turning his back on the planetary political and family power struggles his endless mourning period began, and he didn’t care what his 3 sons, 2 brothers and 2 sisters did. He was a man of relatively simple tastes, brought up with strict military training and not averse to “roughing it”, so took only the essentials of life with him.

The Scouts modifications were as follows: Common space was reduced to allow one of the staterooms to be extended into a suite for the Baron. Cargo space was reduced to 6 tons by the addition of 4 low berths. For its return journey it has been completely overhauled and painted jet black with the House Farkell’s crest.

1. The Baron death was a genuine accident and the task is exactly as it seems a rather long trip back to Frenzie.  This journey can incorporate several other adventures on the way. Once completed the deeds for the Scout are handed over, and the group are then offered optional employment in the service of House Farkell.

2. The Baron was murdered by agents of his younger brothers who sabotaged the grav vehicle, and has been steadily eliminating family members in an attempt to take over House Farkell plus its power base. He was the one who was responsible for the original assignation attempt on the Baron and the death of his wife. He would rather that the body of the Baron never returned. The agent will subsequently attempt to sabotage or arrange for the Scout to be intercepted and destroyed.

3. As 2 except that the murder attempt was foiled. The agent was captured and intensely interrogated. The usurpers plot was reviled. His rage at the infamy has led him to design a counter plot. The Barons cryogenic capsule is in fact an advanced and extremely stable low berth. 4 crack troops occupy the 4 low berths, plus 2 others in a crew support role. The aim is for the Baron and the troops to be revived once the ship gets back to Frenzie and kill his brother. At Frenzie the group will be co-opted it helping with the revenge attack, with a promise of great reward.

4. As 1 except that rumours have circulated that the body of the Baron will be accompanied with a huge treasury worth in excess of 500 000 000 Cr. This will attract a great deal of criminal attention. So the journey will become very hazardous.

5. The Baron was murdered by Zhodani agents. They have also taken out the Baron’s retinue and replaced them with their own agents. The idea is that in returning the Baron’s body they will be able to infiltrate House Farkell in various positions. With aim to gather intelligence and work to undermine Imperial influence in the Spinward Marches. The group’s involvement is to provide the agents a form of external corroboration in a crew who do not know any of the Baron’s household.

6. The Baron was actually killed by James Rask in a fit of rage over the 30 years of mourning that the Baron subjected him to. He was able to make it seem like an unfortunate accident. James has been consolidating the Baron’s wealth over the last ten years in taking and stockpiling anagarthics. The Barons cryogenic capsule is fitted with a large storage so he is able to smuggle the anagarthics back into the Imperium. He plans to use this legacy (worth an estimated 30 000 000 000 000 Cr on the open market) to live like a king as long as he possibly can. The group’s involvement is to provide the James with an expendable crew not close to the Baron’s household.

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