A day at the zoo

Patron: Civilian, Noble, Agent
Required Skills: None, but weapons and wilderness skills helpful.
Required Equipment: none

Players’ Information:
The players are contacted at the starport on Urnian/Urnian/Foreven by a person from the Interplanetary Zoo. The players are offered Cr100,000 each and use of a crewed Safari ship. An uncrewed Safari ship is provided if players have their own ship. Payment is reduced to Cr10000 each and a full yard overhaul is done on their ship while away. They are to see the factor on Ronu for mission details. If needed weapons are provided as would be wilderness survival/hunting gear.



Image from wikimediaPublic Domain.

Referee’s Information:
The target world, Ronu/Urnian, is a jungle world with most of the population at the starport.  High humidity, quakes and sulfur taint make the world difficult; these conditions are extremely hard on ultra-tech devices keeping such items rare and local tech simple. The most famous creature here is the protected Ronuian Brainsucker. A Brainsucker drops from above and stings head right through bone, A Brainsucker with the stinger removed are now popular as living hats among some nobles.

Pylkah/Urnian as destination adds political and military danger and intrigue to the hunting mix. Possibly locals revoke hunting permits ex post facto the zoo had prearranged for the hunters. Smugglers, border patrols, arrest warrants and military patrols are all possible side events.

1. All is as it appears. The Travellers are to bring back a number of mid-sized creatures that are designated by the Zoo’s factor on Ronu.

2. As above except the factor offers Cr5000 for each Brainsucker brought to him.

3. As 1, except brainsuckers are all that is wanted.

4. The Factor drops the Travellers in the jungle as the prey for unknown (to the PC’s) Alien hunter species. Survivors who get back to the ship will find it stocked with Zoo specimens and can collect on Urnian. The factor is gone having announced his retirement some days earlier. The referee determines the Preys equipment and the hunters race and equipment. The Zoo knows nothing of the plot.

5. As 1, except the Travellers are advised to pick up some semi-sentient Chirpers. They are wanted by Imperial Intelligence for a research station project.

6. The Travellers find themselves at Pylkah/Urnian. It is a desert world with little water. The players must capture a number of species while avoiding competing local military forces. The zoo provided entry documents but the hunt zone borders hostile nations and the borders are fluid in the area from rival claims.

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  1. Nice solid adventure, very Traveller-esque (in a good way) and possibly ties in with Research Station Gamma. Well done!

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