Sparkly Hoozit

Patron: Businessperson
Location: any
Skills required: Liaison, Streetwise, Thief skills

Job: The patron recently bought a rare Sparkly Hoozit. It cost a lot, and the patron barely out-bid a local underworld boss and fellow collector of Hoozits. The Hoozit was even more recently stolen, and the patron has reason to believe that Capone was responsible. The Hoozit requires special care, so there’s only a few places the gangster could have hidden it. The problem is that the patron bought it at an illegal hot property auction, so he can’t file charges with the police, and wants to keep this quiet. The patron wants the PC’s to act as go-betweens, to negotiate the return of the Hoozit. The PCs should have no trouble in locating the gangster, and little trouble in determining where the Hoozit is being kept.

Sparkly Hoozit
Maybe a Sparkly Hoozit, it might be living jewels. : Picture from wikimedia. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Complication: After the first meeting with the gangster, but before a deal is made, the Hoozit vanishes. The gangster accuses the patron of a double-cross, the patron accuses the gangster of a further swindle to drive up the price, and the heated rhetoric from both sides means there may be a criminal war erupting in the streets any day. The patron turns out to have access to armed enforcers. On the chance that the gangster is telling the truth, the patron wants the PC’s to find out what really happened and where the Hoozit is now, and get it back.

1. The gangster is faking, and will offer to sell it back at a greatly inflated price.

2. One of the gangster’s people stole it so he can sell it himself.

3. One of the gangster’s people stole it, to goad the patron into ‘removing’ his superior.

4. The previous owner of the Hoozit has stolen it back, and plans to leave the planet with it.

5. Unrelated thieves have stolen the Hoozit, and are unaware of the trouble they have started.

6. The patron is trying a double-cross and instigated the war to eliminate the gangster (reason left to the referee)

It is up to the referee to determine the nature and proper name of the Sparkly Hoozit, and what specific care it requires.

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