Patron: Alien, Speculator
Required Skills: None
Required Equipment: Underwater gear
No. of Players: 2-6

Players’ Information:
The party is approached by a Dolphin who explains (via an electronic
translator) that she wants to hire them to assist in finding a sunken
starship and recovering several priceless works of art from its hold.
In addition to their monetary worth, the objets d’art are rare
examples of Dolphin handicrafts and also have great cultural
significance. The pieces were en route to a collector on Urnian (2833
Foreven) when the ship crashed into a volcanic crater lake in a remote
area of Vapchy (3034 Foreven). The patron tracked the crash site down
and believes that the ship is still intact; thus, the art might be
salvageable. The team is to provide support and backup for her as she
retrieves as much of the artwork as she can; for their efforts, she
will pay them Cr 200,000.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake – Image from wikimedia
Image by USGS – Public Domain

Referee’s Information:
The wreck, a 400-ton Subsidized Merchant, is situated 50 meters down
in the side of an underwater lava dome, in an 8 km diameter volcanic
caldera. The ship is partially buried by dislodged rock and silt,
which might make specialized equipment necessary to access the
interior. The ship itself may or may not be salvageable.

The volcano presents another danger. It is not extinct, just dormant.
Every so often, a burgeoning eruption causes seismic shocks in the
area. Each day, throw 16+ on 3D for a quake to occur. If so, throw 16+
on 3D again for the wreck to dislodge and start sinking to the bottom
of the crater 300 meters below. On a third throw of 3D for 18 exactly,
a full-blown eruption will occur in 4D hours.

1. All is as represented; the ship is intact and mostly dry inside.
The artwork, worth MCr1.2, is undamaged. A skilled broker may be able
to fetch an even higher price for it.

2. As 1, except the ship is partially flooded. The hold is dry (for
now), but opening it using standard methods will flood it, destroying
the contents.

3. As 2, and the hold has been slowly leaking since the crash. The
seals could give way at any time, totally destroying the contents
within. Worse, some of the artwork has been water-damaged and thus has
already lost (2D-2) x 10% of the above value.

4. As 1, but a group of salvage hunters has also located the wreck and
intend to stake a claim on it. They are unwilling to share or
relinquish their find. Despite being well-equipped, they are unarmed
and easily driven off, but will immediately contact the planetary

5. As 4, except the salvage team is armed and more than willing to
fight. Their numbers and armament are similar to the PCs’.

6. As 5, except the opponents are a band of criminals that happened
upon the shipwreck and found it to be the perfect hidden base of
operations. They will not be happy to find the adventurers there.
Additionally, unbeknownst to all concerned, a squad of Imperial
Marines has tracked the felons down and are moving in with orders to
capture or kill anyone they encounter.

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