Cirque – A great adventure for Traveller

A great adventure for Traveller, That is what it is. You may think that the idea of a circus in space is a rather unorthodox idea. I know I thought so in the beginning. I first thought is was a silly copy of the Roadshow Amber Zone (where the PCs are roadies for the rock-band Veedback) from JTAS #23. But Cirque is so much more.

Compared to the Roadshow Amber Zone, that was not more than an idea, Cirque is a 186 pages book full of adventures. The adventure starts at Rhylanor.  There are deckplans, NPCs, scenarios for every planet the circus visits and a  greater meta-plot for the entire adventure. The only Traveller adventure book that can be comparable to Cirque is the 154 pages The Traveller Adventure. (The Traveller adventure has a larger font size.)


The first 59 pages of the book describes the circus and it’s ships, characters and animals in great detail. The rest of the book is about every planet the circus visits and what happens there.

This adventure started as a successful Kickstarter Project. The adventure is written for Traveller 5 but will work fine for any version of Traveller.

Order your copy of Cirque des Sirkas from Far Future Enterprises.

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  1. The CD-version production is now being or will soon be handled by FFE directly, with a new bit of art and boxes that work with the rest of the Traveller line, and should also be available in the bundles. Paper copies are also still available. And, as my favorite zho spy says, the content can be adapted for any version of Traveller. I should know, I wrote it that way. The setting is after the Fifth Frontier War, in the decline of the Third Imperium’s Golden Age.

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