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Greg Lee

These type of posts are the ones I hate most to write. I still think it is important to do so. Gregory P. Lee has now joined the growing group of absent friends. 🙁

Greg Lee was an active member in the online Traveller community. He may be most known for his amazing Cirque adventure published by his Greylock Publishing Lines. For Traveller he has also published Lee’s Guide to Interstellar Adventure.

This is what he wrote in my copy of Cirque.

Greylock Publishing Lines was also a generous sponsor of the first Amber Zone contest.

Greg was also working on a new Traveller product, that some of you may have heard of. He has written a Traveller novel called Cirque: The Usual Suspects. I was one of the lucky ones who got to read a copy. It is a great novel set in the universe that I love. The novel is describing events that happened before the adventure called Cirque. An interesting idea about Rhylanor that was first presented in the MgT Alien Module 4: Zhodani by Donald McKinney is used in the novel.

Just for fun I generated a map without hexes for the main area of space (Rhylanor subsector) of the novel.

Follow this link to read something that Greg wrote about the novel at the Traveller RPG facebook group.

I really hope that this novel will be published. It is too good to be lost.

RIP Gregory P. Lee 🙁

Cirque – A great adventure for Traveller

A great adventure for Traveller, That is what it is. You may think that the idea of a circus in space is a rather unorthodox idea. I know I thought so in the beginning. I first thought is was a silly copy of the Roadshow Amber Zone (where the PCs are roadies for the rock-band Veedback) from JTAS #23. But Cirque is so much more.

Compared to the Roadshow Amber Zone, that was not more than an idea, Cirque is a 186 pages book full of adventures. The adventure starts at Rhylanor.  There are deckplans, NPCs, scenarios for every planet the circus visits and a  greater meta-plot for the entire adventure. The only Traveller adventure book that can be comparable to Cirque is the 154 pages The Traveller Adventure. (The Traveller adventure has a larger font size.)


The first 59 pages of the book describes the circus and it’s ships, characters and animals in great detail. The rest of the book is about every planet the circus visits and what happens there.

This adventure started as a successful Kickstarter Project. The adventure is written for Traveller 5 but will work fine for any version of Traveller.

Order your copy of Cirque des Sirkas from Far Future Enterprises.

Zhodani Base Awards 2014

trophy-2014Welcome to the Zhodani Base Awards 2014! 2014 has been a very good year for Traveller. There have been lots of new publications.

The first category is “Best Cover“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best Cover” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: Power Projection Fleet : From BITS

There were lots of Traveller products with nice covers this year. Lots of love for all nice covers.

Next category is “Best Fanzine or Online Magazine“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best Fanzine/Online Magazine” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: Freelance Traveller

Freelance Traveller has once again proved that they are the best fanzine by publishing monthly issues with lots of good contents for free.

I really like the new Imperiallines. Looking forward to the next issues of this one.

Next category is “Best Adventure“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best Adventure” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: Cirque from From Greylock Publishing

There were lots of fine Traveller Adventures for different settings published. Cirque is a fantastic but unorthodox adventure in classic style.

Next category is “Best Ship or Deckplan“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best Ship or Deckplan” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: 2300AD: Ships of the French Arm : From Mongoose 

There was lots of fine ships for Traveller published this year. Lots of great new designs with good art from the small publishers. But this year, my favorite was from Mongoose.

Next category is “Best ATU Product“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best ATU Product” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: Grand Safari : From Gypsy Knights Games

GKG wins with some nice adventures. But next year I would really like to see more interesting ATU products from other small publishers.

Next category is “Best OTU Product“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best OTU Product” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: The Traveller Adventure : From GDW

The Traveller Adventure is one of my favorite adventures (except the beginning that is problematic). When it was re-released the other OTU products couldn’t beat it.

Better luck next year 13Mann. I really like your products.

A final bonus category this year is “Best Free Traveller Product“. The nominees are:

The winner of the “Best Free Traveller Product” category of the Zhodani Base Awards 2014 is: Three Blind Mice : From 13Mann Verlag

Now, go and download all of the free Traveller Products. Why? They are free!

Cirque, a Kickstarter Project for Traveller5

Cirque, a 160 page campaign source book for Traveller5 (T5) at familiar worlds in the Spinward Marches. This sounded like a good idea to me. I am backing it and getting a print version.

The idea of a circus, instead of the usual gang in a Free Trader is quite an unorthodox idea. But it sounds interesting and this is not the first time we have seen an unorthodox idea like this. Remember the rock-band Veedback in an amber zone adventure in JTAS 23. That was a cool adventure in only 3 pages. Cirque will probably be just as cool and requires a lot less work for the referee since it will be 160 pages.