State of the Base

Welcome, gentlesophonts, to the State of the Base!

Are you waiting for the Zhodani Base awards? You just have to wait a little longer.

So, what happened at the Zhodani base in 2022?

The big thing is that Berka got addicted to AI. Berka now generates lots of images for adventures, for other ideas, or just for fun, mostly using Midjourney. Even for this post, Berka generated me.

Unfortunately, this means that Berka has less time for everything else that should be done.

Berka has also generated adventures using chatGPT, and generated many images for the Cepheus Journal.

Other than that, the year started out with a lot of silly memes.

Later, The Zhodani Base got its own YouTube episode at page 121.

Then, some programming was done, and now you can add routes in the subsector maps when using the subsector editor.

What else? Berka got a new job in September. Hopefully, that will not affect the Zhodani Base too much.

Please follow the Zhodani Base at Facebook or Mewe, for fun and interesting stuff that will not be posted here at the Zhodani Base website.

You must also have a look at the Zhodani language classes that you can find on Lulu. Berka made the Zhodani font for these books.

Looking forward to 2023. Let’s hope it will be a good year!

And remember, All your base, are belong to us.

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