Chambersburg Subsector

Chambersburg Subsector is from an ATU setting where the crew of the Starship Notorious tries to make a living.

Chambersburg Subsector

McConnellsburg  0115  E554223-3    Lo                212 Pa
Union Rock      0211  E100344-5    Va Lo             112 Pa
Shade Gap       0212  X89A000-0    Wa Ba           R 012 Pa
Burnt Bases     0213  X200000-0    Va Ba           R 030 Pa
Martinsburg     0218  C433547-6    Ni Po             802 Sv
Hager's World   0317  C766689-8  S Ga Ri Ni Ag       722 Md
Charles' Planet 0320  D665455-5    Ni Ga Pa          102 Sv
Chambersburg    0414  B767687-A  N Cp Ni Ag Ga Ri    112 Pa
Waynesboro      0416  D344521-3    Ni Ag           A 120 Pa
Newburg         0513  E899100-4    Lo                110 Pa
Thurmont        0517  D322437-4    Ni Po He        A 200 Md
Frederick       0519  B754755-B  N Ag                212 Md
Newville        0612  E222200-5    Lo Po           A 220 Pa
Emmitsburg      0616  D454334-4  S Lo                310 Md
Carlisle        0713  C533589-8    Ni Po             512 Pa
Gettysburg      0716  C000469-A  S As Va Ni O:0414   342 Pa
Airy Rock       0719  E100455-6    Ni Va           A 912 Md
Duncannon       0811  C543248-7    Lo Po             322 Pa
New Oxford      0815  E889211-4    Lo                510 Pa
Westminster     0817  C433589-7    Ni Po             522 Md

The coreward side belongs to the Pennsylvaani Confederation and on rimward side belongs to the Free State of Maryland. There is an ongoing cold war between these two pocket empires and there are various trade embargoes in effect. (In the spinward rimward corner are two worlds that belong to the Spinward Virginia Cluster.)

The total population of the subsector is just 30 million (Most of them live on Frederick). The highest tech-level is 11 at Frederick. This makes Chambersburg Subsector a backwater area of space.

Short Write-Ups:

Burnt Bases X200000-0 Red Zone

Not a lot is known about the red-zoned system called Burnt Bases. There is a rumor that something terrible has happened here, but this is not confirmed in regular history books. No reasons are given for why this is a red zone. The interdiction is controlled by the Pennsylvaani Navy.

Chambersburg B767687-A

Chambersburg is the Subsector capital on the Pennsylvaani  side. It is a nice planet to live on. There are no (known) flora and fauna that is very dangerous to humans. The atmosphere smells nice. If the system wasn’t in such a poor location it would have attracted a lot more sophonts.

At Chambersburg there is a university that is known for the study of history. Here you can find the experts on the big space battle at Gettysburg, a system 3 parsecs away that Chambersburg controls.

Carlisle C533589-8

Carlisle is an uninteresting stop between Harrisburg and Chambersburg, The atmosphere is so thin that compressor masks are needed outside. The world is poor and non-industrial, so it may be difficult to find a cargo.

Some farmers makes a very good brandy. This is a small-scale production and the Carlislesian brandy cannot be found at the starport. It is only available a few months each year and can only be bought directly from the farmers that make the brandy.

Gettysburg C000469-A

The asteroid system of Gettysburg is known for a major space battle that took place here about 150 years ago after the “Rimmies” declares war on the Pennsylvaani Confederation, the Free State of Maryland, and a number of other pocket empires.

Tourist tours are now available from the starport. The tours take you through the battle field and also to the space ship graveyard and to the eternal plasma monument. The tours use standard shuttles but with a transparent top.

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