The Mad Scientist

At the Asteroid Base:

Negel Brakoling
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The crew are captured. 10 henchmen with snub-pistols leads the crew back to “comfortable rooms”. The crew is put in 5 (or half the number of the crew) rooms with sliding doors that cannot be opened from the inside.

Professor Brakoling laughs scornfully and says that he now has 10 new volunteers for his experiments.

Options for escaping:

Jushua and/or Annie will let the Captain send messages to the other crew members. Knocking Morse codes on the walls may be another way of communication that may work.

Jushua Bockford
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The crew may try to get out when they are fed, or when the first two are fetched for the experiments. But this will probably be a fight of 2 verses 10. Not very good odds at all.

Trying to work on the relationship with Annie and/or Joshua may work better. They may convince either of them that if they can escape, they will take Annie and/or Joshua back with them to New Holland.


The crew escapes but are chased by the henchmen. Annie and/or Joshua want to come with the crew. If someone gets shot, start with Annie and/or Joshua. There are other scientists there that may also be helpful. The crew tries to get to their ship.

In the Laboratory:

Annie Bowen
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Annie or Joshua says that the stolen Idol from the Church of the Holy Landing Place can be found in a corner in the laboratory. They beg the crew to get the Idol and bring it back to New Holland.

The doors of the laboratory can be blocked from the inside. The henchmen and the professor will wait on the outside. If the crew stays too long in the laboratory, they will start to try to get in.

The Idol is heavy. It weighs 400 kg. In the lab, there are anti-gravity lifting equipment that may be used. It will take two minutes to connect the anti-gravity unit to the idol.

Some improvised weapons may also be found (clubs and cudgels) or built (flamethrowers or explosives) in the laboratory. Maybe a shied that protects against the tranquillizer darts from the henchmen body pistols can be made from a table.

Going back to the ship:

After breaking out from the laboratory and using improvised weapons to scare away the henchmen, the crew tries to find the Notorious. But the hangar door is locked. Either a key card is needed or explosives from the laboratory can be used. Professor Brakoling and the leader of the henchmen have key-cards.

The Navy container marked MN8 may be used to call for help. From the touch screen of the container, a high priority emergency message can be set. The crew probably remembers that from episode S2E2.

Notourios CounterStarship Notorious QT-52334E2-200000-50003-0 MCr326.2755 500ton
 batteries                           2   1  TL=13 Crew=10
 Fuel=170, EP=20, Agility=1, Emergency=3, Cargo=92

When the Notorious finally leaves the asteroid base, they will be followed by another ship of similar size that was docked at the asteroid base.The Asteroid

Professor's BargeProfessor's Barge Fabulina WW-62033B1-020000-20002-0 MCr278.11152 600ton
 batteries                             1     1   1    TL=12 Crew=7
 Fuel=18, EP=18, Agility=2, Emergency=3, Cargo=418 (Pulse Lasers)

There will be a space battle, but before any ships are killed, the Navy will show up and tell both parties to stop firing.

Over radio, Professor Brakoling tells the Navy that the Notorious are pirates that have attacked his research station.

The rescued scientists Annie and/or Joshua (or another rescued one) will help to sort out any confusion that may follow.

Referees Note: If the Holy Idol is not returned now, the ending in next episode will be better. Someone with engineering skill in the crew may realize that since this artefact is made of a stable super heavy substance, it may be what is needed to make the graviton weapon work. That the professor also has the stolen Navy container may be another clue.

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