Trading on Pylkah

Part 2: “The Detectives”

In the second part of this adventure, the PCs who are stranded on PYLKAH tries to solve the worst crime in PYLKAH’s history.


The lawyer (Niels Anzio) has just got the PCs free. But they are stranded here on PYLKAH. Their ship is held as evidence until this case can be solved, and their insurance doesn’t cover this situation.

The PCs now wants to help to solve the crime, so that they can clear their names and get their ship back. There is also a reward of Cr 1.000.000 for information that will help solve the crime.

The lawyer (Niels Anzio) also wants to be able to prove that the PCs didn’t nuke Pyllos starport. It would be a big step forward in his career if he can solve this crime. If the PCs have difficulties in getting started, this NPC (Niels Anzio) should help them and give them small hints where they should look for clues.


Kuruma-2The situation in Pyllos, and the rest of PYLKAH is now very tense. Every country have at least partly mobilized their defences after the bombing of Pyllos Starport. The PCs didn’t see much of this before when they were imprisoned or at the trial, but now the referee should tell them that there are a lots of troops in the streets, and sometimes parades. A vehicle often seen is the Kuruma-II APC. There is also political propaganda, blaming Semporia for the bombing, but sometimes other nations as well. If the PCs go to another country the situation will be similar.


The PCs now live at a hotel close to the old starport. One evening when they are eating at the hotels restaurant, (or any other restaurant) they are attacked by 10 unarmed persons that blame the PCs for the bombing. When the PCs are beginning to lose this brawl, the police arrives and saves the PCs. After this incident, the PCs are offered two armed bodyguards for their protection. If the PCs don’t accept this, the restaurant brawl will repeat itself (at another place for variation) until they accept the bodyguards. The bodyguards are policemen and will not allow the PCs to do anything illegal (burglary, kidnapping, trespassing etc.). If the PCs wants to do anything illegal they must somehow do this in a way so that the bodyguards won’t notice. The bodyguards will not fall for the same trick twice, but they are a bit stupid, so let the PCs succeed if they can come up with different ways of doing illegal things.

The Mob

These ten NPC have STR-DEX-END-Brawlingskill
1:  Scarface        9   8   9   2
2:  Acrobat         7   A   6   1
3:  Rowdy           C   5   B   2
4:  Scamp           5   4   3   0
5:  Athletic        9   9   A   1
6:  Gaffer          4   3   4   0
7:  Titan           E   C   D   3
8:  Cranky          5   3   4   0
9:  Jangler         8   4   4   4
10: Rapscallion     A   7   5   1


First Bodyguard

Adv_PO1_Hobart_BartsonHobart Bartson   ABC488      Police     age=38

Streetwise-1                            Cr. 2.000
Brawling-3                              Auto-Pistol  
Cbt. Rifleman-2
Ground Car-2

Second Bodyguard

Adv_PO1_Benny_HudsonBenny Hudson   EAA599      Police     age=34

Brawling-2                              Cr. 1.000 
Handgun-3                              Auto-Pistol  
Cbt. Rifleman-1
Ground Car-2

First Clue

The different clues should not be presented in any specific order. The ideal situation is that the PCs work with all clues in parallel.

The PCs decide to investigate the fake evidence that were presented against them during the trial.

This will lead them to the policeman that presented the evidence at the trial. He will tell the PCs that the evidence was based on a radiation analysis made by the Akupossa lab. The policeman is innocent and will give this information to the PCs voluntarily. If the PCs threatens the policeman he will say nothing, and have the PCs arrested. If the PCs are arrested they will be released after a few hours with the help of Niels Anzio, their lawyer. Niels Anzio will then tell the PCs to be a little more careful in the future.

The Policeman

Adv_PO1_Greg_NGangodoGreg N'Gangodo   565699      Police     age=54

Brawling-2                              Cr. 5.000 
Handgun-2                              Auto-Pistol  
Ground Car-1                            Ground Car

If the PCs visit the Akupossa Lab at daytime, they will be allowed to meet the Vice President (Eugene Steen) that says that he is embarrassed that the Akupossa lab was wrong. If the PCs ask they will be allowed to meet the Chief Scientist of Radiation (Charles Rampart). Charles Rampart will show the PCs around the radiation lab. If the PCs have the radiation analyzer, he will be very interested in this, and offers to buy it for Cr. 20.000. Charles Rampart will also present his research team and the scientist responsible for the false evidence (Digeka Ikirir). If the PCs ask him anything about this now, he will just say that he is very sorry.

Vice President of Akupossa Lab

Adv_PO1_Eugene_SteenEugene Steen   B749A9      Management     age=58

Brawling-1                              Cr. 500.000 
Handgun-1                               Auto-Pistol  
Ground Car-2                             Ground Car

Chief Scientist of Radiation

Adv_PO1_Charles_RampartCharles Rampart   A79DD8      Scientist     age=50

Brawling-1                              Cr. 100.000
Ground Car-1                             Ground Car
Ship's Boat-1

The Scientist

Adv_PO1_Digeka_IkirirDigeka Ikirir   7859B6      Scientist     age=38

Brawling-1                              Cr. 1.000

If the PCs visit the Akupossa lab at night, there will be one night guard here that will try to call the police. (He will not attack the PCs.) If the police is called two police-cars (4 policemen) will arrive in 10 min. The PCs will hear the sirens from the police-cars in the 9:th minute. If the police catches the PCs, Niels Anzio cannot get them free this time. Inside the Akupossa lab the PCs will just notice that this is a normal lab. Each minute the PCs are looking for information about who is responsible for the false evidence, throw 2D6, if 10+, the PCs will learn that the person responsible is Digeka Ikirir. DMs If looking into computer-files; use computer skill. If looking in the radiation lab DM = +2.

Akupossa Lab

The Akupossa Lab
The Akupossa Labs major area of expertise is radiation research.
They use TL-9 technology.

The left is the first floor, the right is the second floor. The Lab-area (1) has only one floor. The largest accelerator is seven meters high. (As usual, each square is 1.5*1.5 metres.)

1.  Lab. Here are lots of large equipment.
2.  Changing room. Everyone must put on special clothes here.
3.  Power and air support for the lab
4.  Stairs
5.  Workshop
6.  Reception. (At night the night-guard is here.)
All other areas are corridors, offices or conference rooms.

If the PCs ask anyone about Digeka Ikirir they will be told that he has a typical Amarutian name. (It is actually a Vilani name. The Amarutians use Vilani names, and most Amarutians are genuine Vilani. This is not common knowledge.) If they check this with the police or the immigration office, they will be told that Digeka Ikirir is an Amarutian citizen.

If the PCs confront Digeka Ikirir in his home or if they kidnap him after work and threaten him with violence, they will learn that he was paid to change the radiation report. He was paid by some old Amarutian friends whose name he will not tell the PCs until they use violence. Digeka Ikirir don’t know were his old friends live, but he usually meet them at an Amarutian pub. Digeka Ikirir must be forced to follow the PCs to the pub and point out his old friends. The PCs can now follow one of the old friends to his home. Digeka Ikirir will try to warn his friends if possible. His friends will then never be alone, and are always armed with auto-pistols.

Amarutian Friends

These five NPC have name:        STR-DEX-END-Brawling-Pistol
1:              Arzur Dilugi      7   9   4     1       1
2:              Kiir Irishu       8   7   5     0       2
3:              Kiziki Banapuu    9   C   7     2       4
4:              Giimuur Giilan    9   3   3     4       0
5:              Enari Khiiluura   C   D   E     2       3


The “Amarutian friend” that the PCs will interrogate will not tell the PCs anything, unless violence is used. He/She will then tell the PCs that he/she is a member of the Amarutian Nationalist Party (ANP). He/She will then also give the name of his/her local leader here in Pyllos. This leader is the owner of the Amarutian pub (Urne Giimlaan). He/She will not tell the PCs anything unless the PCs threaten to go to the police to have his pub closed since it is the local HQ of the Amarutian Nationalist Party. Then he/she will tell the PCs that Carl Kruppenheimer told him/her to arrange to fake the evidence and frame the PCs. Carl Kruppenheimer is a SuSAG executive that lives in Amarutios.

Owner of the Amarutian pub

Adv_PO1_Urne_GiimlaanUrne Giimlaan    899999      x-Army       age=46

Brawling-1                              Cr. 10.000
Leader-2                                Auto-Pistol
Computer-1                              Dagger
Cbt. Rifleman-3

The SuSAG executive

SuSAG_Carl_KruppenheimerCarl Kruppenheimer  5548BA  SuSAG-executive   age=55

Dagger-1                             Cr. 900.000
Computer-1                           Dagger

Second Clue

If the PCs wants to contact an employee at the nuked starport, there will be very few alive. But, if the PCs don’t think of it themselves, let Niels Anzio (the lawyer) help them to contact a person who worked as a construction worker (but didn’t work there after the opening) at the nuked starport. The worker (Linda Azwade) will tell the PCs the name of the construction company (Megaba Construction Corp.) where she works, and tell the PCs that they hired workers with a Bundorian dialect. (The Bundorian workers are a false lead.)

The Worker

Adv_PO1_Linda_AzwadeLinda Azwade    76B754  Construction Worker  age=26

Dagger-1                               Cr. 3.000
Mechanical-1                            Dagger
Ground Car-1

If the PCs investigate the construction company (Megaba Construction Corp.) they will learn that it is owned by SuSAG. The PCs can get a list of who worked for this construction company (Megaba Construction Corp.) in two ways. The first is to go to the IRS and try to find this information on their computer. Throw 2D6 10+ per hour to succeed. DMs + computer skill. This is public information, and not illegal to get, but it can be quite hard to retrieve it. The second way to get this information is to go to the construction company (Megaba Construction Corp.) and steal it. At night there will be two armed (auto-pistol) night guards who will try to shoot any intruders before calling the police. Throw 2D6 10+ per minute to find this information.

Night guards

These two NPC have:  STR-DEX-END-Brawling-Pistol
1: Sleepy             5   A   5     0       2
2: Drowsy             7   8   B     1       1


With the list of construction workers, the PCs can see that there were five Bundorian workers and two Amarutian. (The Bundorian workers are a false lead.) If the PCs has stolen the list, they can see that the Amarutian workers were recommended by Carl Kruppenheimer.

If the PCs wants to investigate the Bundorian workers, the events are up to the referee. If they wants to investigate the two Amarutians they will learn that one is dead.

If the PCs ask the police about the dead amarutian (Zadulir Gikimur) they will learn that she was shot with a poison bullet. The police hasn’t identified the poison yet. They will get results from the lab in two weeks. If the PCs has the chemanalyzer they can immediately find out that the poison is a waste product from making Psi-Drug. The police will tell the PCs that no one is making Psi-Drug on PYLKAH, but the only ones that could do this is the SuSAG lab in Amarutios. If they have to wait for the lab report they will only learn that it is a waste product from some advanced drug manufacturing process. Here they will also be told that the only place on this planet this can come from must be the SuSAG lab.

When the PCs eventually (in part 3) visit the SuSAG lab they may notice that 23 grams of poisonous waste products are missing. The person who has checked out this from the lab is Carl Kruppenheimer. The PCs will only get this information if they are looking for it. Throw 2D6 6+ for each ten minutes.

The PCs will get the address of the living Amarutian worker (Gagale Kammagga). He is a member of the Amarutian Nationalist Party and often visits the Amarutian pub. If the PCs threaten him he will tell the PCs that he and his dead friend was paid by Carl Kruppenheimer to hide a bomb in the concrete at the landing platform. The worker thought that it was a small bomb, (and not a nuke) that should be used to kill an anti-Amarutian person.

The Amarutian Worker

Adv_PO1_Gagale_KammaggaGagale Kammagga    854544  Construction Worker  age=33

Dagger-1                               Cr. 1.000
Mechanical-1                            Dagger

Third Clue

The PCs might want to investigate the two assassins that tried to kill them in part 1. The first assassin has no connection with Carl Kruppenheimer. He is just a reporter that lost his family and wanted revenge. He is now in prison and is very regretful if the PCs talk to him.

The second assassin was hired by Carl Kruppenheimer. He will not reveal this if he isn’t both threatened and promised more than Cr 100.000. This shooting is under investigation by the police. The bullet was poisoned. This is the same poison as in the second clue. The police is not aware of this and the PC’s can help the police in the same way as in the second clue.

Fourth Clue

If the PCs are suspicious about SuSAG, or if they just visit a bar close to the old starport, they can talk to some Kamrati traders. If SuSAG is mentioned, they will tell the PCs that SuSAG ships have been seen in the Kamrati League, but they are not doing much trade. They are probably just passing through on their way to the Zhodani Consulate.

Fifth Clue

If the PCs have the radiation analyzer, they can visit the nuked starport to take some samples. The expert system will tell the PCs that the probable cause of the radiation is a nuclear explosion of a nuclear bomb of a special type that the Zhodani often use.

Who did it?

After part two the players should be quite sure that SuSAG and the person Carl Kruppenheimer is involved in some way.

(END of part 2.) PART-3

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