Trading on Pylkah

Part 3 “The Mercenaries”

In the third part of this adventure, the PCs raid the SuSAG lab. To get there they have to make a journey through the desert.

What next?

The PCs are now quite sure that Carl Kruppenheimer at SuSAG is responsible of the bombing. But they don’t know his motives. (But they might suspect it has something to do with selling Psi-Drug to the Zhodani.) The PCs doesn’t have any evidence, just clues. To get some evidence so that the PCs can clear their names, get the reward, and leave Pylkah, they have to get it from the SuSAG lab in Amarutios. If the PCs can’t figure this out for themselves, Niels Anzio, their lawyer can tell them. Niels can also tell the PCs their other option. That is to secretly leave Pylkah, This will be both difficult and expensive, and they have to leave their ship behind. (Remind the PCs, what the ship is worth…)

Hire Mercs

The SuSAG lab is in Amarutios, and the PCs are in Pyllos, and the international tension is very high. This is a bit of a problem. The SuSAG lab will also be well guarded, so the PCs will need some help. Inform the PCs that due to the international tension, many mercenary groups have arrived on the planet. The PCs can hire a mercenary group on a success only basis if the group is promised half of the reward. The PCs and the mercenary leader, colonel Jonson, can plan the assault on the SuSAG lab together. Colonel Jonson is the owner of the Mercenary Cruiser “Mars and Goil” (type C, book 2). He is also the leader of the mercenary band “Olympic Wars Inc.”.

Colonel Jonson

merc_Erik_JonsonErik Jonson   A9BAD6  Mercenary Leader  age=49

Combat Rifleman-2              Cr 200.000 
Auto Weapons-1              Mercenary Cruiser
Med Mass Driver-2
Instruction-1                     2 MCUF
Leader-2                      4 Purple Hearts
Electronics-2                   Auto-Pistol
Wheeled Vehicle-1 
Grav Vehicle-1          Owner of "Olympic Wars Inc."
Combat Engineering-1

Olympic Wars Inc.

These 30 NPC have:  STR--DEX--END--ACR--Morale
Col. Jonson          A    9    B    2     20    + Pistol-1
Capt. Boyd           6    C    7    5     12    + Pistol-4
Radio-op             7    8    9    1      6
Big Man              D    B    E    1     12    + Broad Sword-2
(Big Man is Jonson's BodyGuard.)

 Greek Squad.
 Sgt. Croyden        9    A    4    2     15

  Alpha Team (morale-8)
  Corp. Hajas        8    9    8    1     11    
  Soldier-alfa-1     B    6    7    1      9 
  Soldier-alfa-2     6    4    7    1      7
  Soldier-alfa-3     8    8    9    2      5

  Beta Team (morale-8)
  Corp. Murnan       C    B    A    3     12    + Dagger-3
  Soldier-beta-1     9    9    7    2      9
  Soldier-beta-2     6    6    A    1      8
  Soldier-beta-3     8    3    7    1      4

  Gamma Team (morale-8)
  Corp. Nilst        4    B    4    2     11
  Soldier-gamma-1    7    6    4    1      8
  Soldier-gamma-2    5    8    7    2      7
  Soldier-gamma-3    6    7    6    1      6

 Value Squad.
 Sgt. Arngrimsson    B    C    D    3     16    + Sword-4

  Ivory Team (morale-8)
  Corp. Hammar       A    A    B    2     10
  Soldier-ivory-1    C    8    5    1      7
  Soldier-ivory-2    A    7    9    1      9
  Soldier-ivory-3    7    A    B    1      4

  Ruby Team (morale-9)
  Corp. Ziggy        A    9    9    3     12
  Soldier-ruby-1     A    9    A    2      9
  Soldier-ruby-2     B    A    8    2      9
  Soldier-ruby-3     A    A    B    2      6

  Gold Team (morale-8)
  Corp. Finley       6    A    5    2     10   
  Soldier-gold-1     8    4    6    1      7
  Soldier-gold-2     4    7    6    1      7
  Soldier-gold-3     4    7    8    1      6


Alpha TeamBeta TeamGamma Team

Ivory TeamRuby TeamGold Team

Morale rules from Striker book 1 should be used. If not available use morale rules from Traveller book 1 and book 4. (CT) Each soldier is equipped with an ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle) with RAM grenades and a Flak Jacket. Use Striker book 3, or Traveller book 4 (CT), for the equipment.

Making plans

There are a few approaches that doesn’t work. First, they cannot be flown in because they will be spotted by radar and shot down. If they try to fly under radar they will be spotted anyway, both because they will stir up large dust-clouds that can be seen for miles, and because the tension between the nations Pyllos and Amarutios now is very high the border guards will be extra alert. They will also rise suspicion if crossing the border by foot, ATV or air-raft.

The only possible option is to cross the border disguised as steppe nomads. Steppe nomads are a people who live in the deserts of Pylkah and that don’t interfere with politics, and they can cross borders without rising suspicion. As means of transportation they use Hoftas, an animal native to Pylkah. When the assault of the Lab starts, a message could be sent to the Mercenary Cruiser, so that they can be picked up by the two cutters when the assault is complete. They first have to take out the radar and SAM-missile batteries before the cutters can land.

Contacting the Nomads

Niels Anzio just happened to have gone to law-school together with “Wang The Nomad” who have given up the Nomad lifestyle, but still have lots of contact among the nomads, and often work as their lawyer in conflicts with landowners. Wang will help the PCs and the mercenaries with their disguise and will also act as their guide. (For a small fee…)

The Nomad

Wang the NomadWang              98DAB6       Lawyer       age=31

Law-3                                   Cr. 10.000
Gun Cbt-2

Into the desert

Map Legend
Map Legend

A map will now be used to show the progress as the PCs and the mercs move towards the SuSAG Lab. Each day they will move one hex. Throw for animal encounters each day. Use the table for that terrain, and throw the number required on 2D. (ex. in the Desert Throw 10+ for animal encounter. Then decide what encounter has occurred.) Before the PCs starts their journey, tell the players about the Urgytas and the Silver Bugs and that there are some poisonous animals, so that the PCs gets a chance to buy some serum (and to spend some more money). If they wants to know about other animals, tell them about all the animals named at the bottom of the tables. The total water load is enough for 6 days. Then a refill at an oasis is necessary. Each Hofta can carry two persons. The PCs, Wang and two other nomads and the mercenaries together should be 38 persons, They use 21 Hoftas. 19 to ride and two as reserve.

Border Map

The assault

When the group have reach the SuSAG Lab the assault begins. Right before the assault the Mercenary Cruiser should be radioed so that they can send the cutters to pick the group up. The first target will be the guard-posts the radar and the SAM-missile batteries. There are a total of 20 guards, (TL-12, gauss-rifle, Combat Armor). But most will be off duty. At night only 6 guards work, but they can wake up the rest and call them into action. The guards are not stupid, and will give up a losing battle. Other workers will not fight. The group should then try to find evidence that connects Carl Kruppenheimer with the bombing. That is not well hidden in his computer. (8+ each 10 mins. DM computer skill.) In the lab they can also find that SuSAG is making psi-drugs. If the PCs look for this information they will find (6+ each 10 mins.) that 23 grams is of waste products from the manufacturing process is missing, and that the person that checked out this poison was Carl Kruppenheimer. This is enough evidence to connect Carl Kruppenheimer with the crime. If the PCs are lucky, Mr. Kruppenheimer is at the lab (10+). Then the can capture him. Otherwise they have enough evidence anyway.

The SuSAG Guards

These 20 NPC have:  STR--DEX--END--Gauss--Morale
Leader               9    7    8     3      16
2nd Man              9    7    C     1      10

 1st Squad.
 Squad-Leader        6    E    6     2      13

  1st Team (morale-8)
  Team Leader        9    6    8     3      10    
  Soldier            D    8    8     1       7 
  Soldier            6    4    E     2       9
  Soldier            7    A    B     1       4

  2nd Team (morale-8)
  Team Leader        A    C    E     1      10
  Soldier            A    8    6     2       7
  Soldier            8    8    5     1       7
  Soldier            7    8    D     1       6

 2nd Squad.
 Squad-Leader        8    8    A     3      13

  1st Team (morale-8)
  Team Leader        B    E    C     2      12    
  Soldier            6    C    8     2       7 
  Soldier            5    9    A     1       7
  Soldier            5    E    A     1       4

  2nd Team (morale-6)
  Team Leader        D    9    4     1       9
  Soldier            4    5    D     1       8
  Soldier            5    8    5     1       4
  Soldier            B    9    9     1       4

SuSAG LeaderSuSAG 2nd ManSuSAG Squad Leader-1SuSAG Squad Leader-2


SuSAG_Squad-2_Team-1 SuSAG_Squad-2_Team-2

Morale rules from Striker book 1 should be used. If not available use morale rules from Traveller book 1 and book 4. (CT) Each soldier is equipped with a Gauss Rifle and Combat Armor. Use Striker book 3, or Traveller book 4 (CT), for the equipment.

scale: square=5*5 metres

The SuSAG Lab

The SuSAG Lab consists of three buildings. The actual Lab is in the office and warehouse buildings, although most of these buildings are just office and warehouse. In the hotel, the employees and the guards live. The buildings are 2 levels. The buildings are surrounded by two wire-fences (3 metres high). Both have barbed wire on top. The inner fence is electrical. (There are warning signs on it.) A person that touches it gets 4D damage.

1.  Gate post. Always manned with 2 guards.
2.  Parking place and air/raft landing place.
3.  SAM-missile battery.
4.  SAM-missile battery. Always manned with two guards.
5.  Radar.


What made Mr. Kruppenheimer perform this crimes? First, he didn’t want the Imperium to interfere with his profitable business. Second, he had made friends with Amarutian Nationalists. Third, he liked the Zhodani better than the empire. Forth, he had the resources. All this combined with no conscience and some megalomania, made him one of the worst criminals ever on Pylkah.

Final chapter

Finally the PCs have cleared their names and got their ship back. They also gets their reward, (in an official ceremony with the President of Pyllos.) which they have to share with a lot of people, and pay of their debts. Blackmailing SuSAG will not work, since there were too many people involved, and the mercenaries want to get paid now. After paying for repairing their ship they shouldn’t have a lot left, but they will always be heroes on Pylkah. The Imperium will close down the SuSAG lab, and if the PCs didn’t catch Mr. Kruppenheimer, he will be caught by the Amarutian police (at a local casino) and extradited to Pyllos. (For appearing in a talk show, they will get Cr. 1000.)


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