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P-O "BeRKA" Bergstedt is the Zhodani Ambassador. :-) BeRKA started the Zhodani Base in 1994.

Subsector Generator Update

Glortero SubsectorI have updated my Random Subsector Generator with a new “race“.

If you select Zork, you will get a subsector with planet names that are inspired by an intrepid space explorer in a very small ship (that usually crashes.)

I have used 1:st order Markov Chains to create the new names. (Higher order create too few names since we start with so few planets.)

From the comic, I also guess that the planets should be quite small and that the tech level is high. So without creating illegal values, I have added a small bias for this.

State of the Base

What has happened at The Base in 2019? A lot of things, but not as much as I had hoped!


Florensa SubsectorThe Zhodani Base now has reached over 920 fans at facebook.

An Amber Zone Competition.

Posted a few new maps.

Started playing face-to-face with a new group, from the Traveller RPG Sverige facebook group.


All the things I didn’t have time to write or finish.

There were only 3 reviews.

I didn’t finish season-3 of the Adventures of the Starship Notorious.

Site Stats

The Zhodani Base has about 4400 proper visitors each month (plus about 500 each month at the Amber Zone website). That is a lot worse than last year. (It may have something to do with the move to a new domain and that a lot of links and bookmarks doesn’t work correctly, and that my SEO at google not yet have catched up.)

The 5 most popular posts on the blog were:

  1. Spinward Marches upside down (new)
  2. Cepheus Engine (1)
  3. Traveller Memes (new)
  4. Create Your own Hex maps (new)
  5. Spherical Space Ships (5)

The 5 most popular pages on the blog were:

  1. Free pdf-files (2)
  2. Random Subsector Generator (1)
  3. Generators (3)
  4. Maps and Data (4)
  5. Amber Zone (5)

The 5 most popular search words/phrases for finding the blog were:

  1. traveller rpg blog (2)
  2. zhodani base (new)
  3. traveller rpg (1)
  4. traveller rpg pdf (4)
  5. free traveller rpg pdf downloads (new)

To-do List

  • Run an Amber Zone contest this year. (Let’s do this again.)
  • Write reviews of Science Fiction books and Traveller Products. (I have a huge backlog.)
  • Repost some more stuff from the defunct Traveller Freeport website.
  • Post season 3 of the The adventures of Starship Notorious.
  • Publish the Cepheus Sector.
  • Preparing new adventures to run as a Referee.
  • Change theme to make it look more like the Amber Zone website.
  • Do something when the number of facebook followers reaches 1000.

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