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Eire Subsector

Happy St. Patrick’s Day :mrgreen:

Eire Subsector


Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.
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I hope this will be more useful than the Merry X-Mas Subsector.

I do think that this almost follow the rules for popular subsectors from a previous post. We have some backwater worlds, but they are not independent. We have 2 interstellar states. We have obvious adventures, and also a place called home. Dublin for some of us, Armagh for Eamon, and maybe somewhere else for someone.

The obvious adventures can be taken from the news (old and new) about Ireland.

This leads me to my suggestion of 4 races in this subsector. They should represent the Celtic, the Norse, the Protestants and the Catholics (or Old and New English). The lazy could use Humaniti, Vargr, Aslan and Bwaps or any other Traveller races that might fit. The more ambitious may want to invent their own races. An interesting scenario would be if the Humans represent the Celts. Then this will be in the far far future, when Humaniti have been driven away from their home-worlds to this cluster at the edge of the galaxy. Another interesting scenario could be if the Humans are the latest (New English) invaders. Then there might be some interesting moral dilemmas about the genocide of the original inhabitants of this cluster.

One thing to note about the map is that the towns and villages that are not in the map are still there as secondary populated worlds. E.g. Banbridge is a planet in the Armagh System. In the empty systems within the borders, there might be deep space objects.

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Merry X-Mas

Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

Santa Subsector
Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.
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Gryla              1724 A464663-9 S Ag Ri             613 Im
Befana             1729 C325669-6                     212 Im
Fouettard          1822 BA87655-9 N Ag Ri             512 Im
Jultomten          1824 B4748AD-6 N                   224 Im
Vixen              1826 A458756-E   Ag                404 Im
Joulupukki         1829 C661547-4   Ni                204 Im
Zwarte Piet        1921 B657102-8 N Lo Ni             123 Im
Prancer            1924 E73A233-8   Lo Ni Wa          314 Im
Vertep             1930 B877532-A S Ag Ni             314 Im
Olentzero          2021 E7A0334-5   De Lo Ni          412 Im
Dancer             2023 B98A255-A   Lo Ni Wa          223 Im
Dasher             2024 C67A644-9 S Wa                224 Im
Santa              2025 A946AAA-E N Hi In Cp          234 Im
Sinterklaas        2027 B97A558-B   Ni Wa             502 Im
Comet              2124 C9A8353-A S Fl Lo Ni          323 Im
Cupid              2126 A410437-A   Ni                100 Im
Pere Noel          2128 C386566-8 S Ag Ni             114 Im
Pelzebock          2130 E99488B-3                     702 Im
Donner             2222 C000644-A S As Na             413 Im
Blitzen            2223 C310202-7 S Lo Ni             325 Im
Krampus            2322 B7C1201-B S Fl Lo Ni        A 103 Im
Hanstrapp          2323 BAE8533-A 2 Fl Ni             112 Im
Schmutzli          2324 B564340-7   Lo Ni             300 Im
Rudolph            2326 X352655-1   Po              R 100 Im
Buzebergt          2328 A464200-A   Lo Ni             315 Im
Ruprecht           2422 C350651-8   De Po             235 Im
Ded Moroz          2424 A371454-C N Ni                223 Im

The idea for this was from a popular post on the facebook Zhodani Base page. This version is updated with a few ideas from the comments at facebook. So running an idea at facebook, before posting it at the base is quite useful. If You want to be able to influence the posts at the base, you should join the Zhodani Base facebook page.

Talk like a (space) Pirate

Today is talk like a Pirate day. How does a traveller space pirate talk?

Some say that pirates are not feasible in traveller. They say that the impies and/or other powers will swiftly crush any piracy. 🙁

I do not agree! :mrgreen:

If we look at the planet earth, in the year 2009, we can see that piracy does happen in the most unexpected places. It doesn’t have to happen along the coast of a country in anarchy. It could even happen in the Baltic.

What happened (and why) to the ship Arctic Sea could absolutely be transformed into a traveller adventure.

Remember that a pirate could also be a privateer. Then the pirate would be a lot easier. A pdf-file about privateering in traveller can be downloaded here.

Pirates doesn’t only have to operate corsair ships built using book-2. They could also use old warships or government sponsored privateers build using book-5 rules. That would give the pirates a better fighting chance. 😈