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Fixing some errors in Galactic 2.4

I noticed that the java (by Jo Grant) that I use for displaying was a bit picky with the syntax. When I corrected some galactic map files, (removing extra lines, etc.) I also noticed some other errors.

Usingou Sector, Chtatsplierol 0707, is listed as Chtatsplierol 0717
Tienspevnekr Sector, error in SubSector D.
Replacement for Core Sector posted at Galactic WebBoard.
Antares Sector, Aruga 2528 should be moved from sub-K to sub-L.

Solomani Rim, In SubSector I, 0606 should be 0626.
Solomani Rim, Lots of tabs instead of spaces.
Old Expanses, Sub D, Remove 0321 0131 Change 0132 to 3210, and fix UPP.

Are there any more errors?