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  1. Okay I am going to post them. But first let me explain something I am A CT buff whose IMTU is the Greater Spinward Marches area and I have set the beginning of my Campaign at 1205 TI (third imperium. So most of my ships are Tech level 12. I ask in parting to hold on to the rotten produce and the cat calls until I really do something fruity.

    Just to begin: I have used a High Guard Program to design the following: the Valkyrie class Crovette Transport .875kt, Viking class Frigate Transport 1.6kt, Ritter class Fleet Frigate 1.6kt, Vanir class Stike Cruiser 10kt, and the Saga Class Battle Cruiser 75kt. I need to finish up the notes section for each and I will post them. No deck plans as of yet. I am waiting to purchase Campaign Cartogropher 2 to create them.

  2. I want to apologize for not having the ship revisions sent to P-O as of present. Give me a few more days and they should be knocking on his electronic door.

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