10 thoughts on “Droyne Koynis Chart”

  1. Short answer: No, sorry. 🙁

    Long answer: All web application at this web site are written in perl, and these can be modified to use perl/tk, and perl/tk can be made into an executable for windows. However, I have other things to do for this website that have a higher priority.

  2. BUMP! Sorry if this seems rude, but I just found your Goodies page and your Coyn Casting generator. I found it very interesting, and being a programmer myself would love to see your script. I’m currently playing with Bruce Gulke’s “TableSmith” program, and I’ve already written a table that “casts” 6 coyns (I’m using your coyn GIFs because they are quite good) and displays them. The trick is with the predictions; your script obviously has more than one prediction per coyn (at least for some of them) and selects which one depending on the preceding coyns and the current or total point value of them. Now, I *could* try to reverse engineer your algorithm by repeatedly running the caster and recording the results , but I’d much rather learn from the master and understand your reasoning. O_ 😉 Please, could you help this poor seeker of knowledge find enlightenment?

    Dalton “who’s trying to be humble – and finds it WAY too easy” Spence

  3. I should just mention that there is an interesting discussion about replacing one of the major races coyn with something else… 😈

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