A Vargr Subsector – Uksoulez Subsector

Using the ideas form the previous post, I wanted to make a Vargr subsector. I used my random subsector generator and selected Vargr as race and backwater as settlement. Everything else was using the default settings. Using this subsector I also wanted to try the new print style at TravellerMap.

I must have been very lucky. On the first try a very nice subsector was generated. I only had to move three worlds to make room for the names of the Interstellar States.

There are backwater independent worlds and 2 interstellar states here. Lets find the adventure and the place called home. To do so we need to invent some background for this subsector. Lets say that the Tingoeg Union is an expansive Vargr State, and that the Kague Territory is the reaction to that. To stop the Tingoeg Union expansion a charismatic Vargr called Kague united a number of planets. That was 100 years ago. Now these 2 states have fought a few wars, and there is currently a cold war going on. The independent planets are part of a neutral zone.

Adventure can then be found in lots of places in the subsector. Some ideas;

  • At Unaets (2119) the PCs can help the Kague Territory can set up a spy station.
  • Ozadzugh (2114) is balkanized. Tingoeg Union and Kague Territory support different nations. The PCs can spy or fight in wars.
  • Dzaloukh (1720) has tech-level 0. Has there been a war here? The PCs can help survivors.
  • A J-1 ship can reach lots of worlds in both interstellar states. The PCs can trade and do other jobs using their old J-1 trader.
  • Gnuengarr (2014) is a low tech world with almost no atmosphere. The PCs can ship supplies here, and someone might try to stop them.

A place called home might be Uksoulez (2013). It’s a high population world where the PCs might know some people that can help them or can employ them. An alternative might be Dourtsuen (2214).

Uksoulez Subsector
Map made using Traveller Map Post Function.
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All ideas from the previous post are now fulfilled. There are a number of backwater independent worlds. There are 2 interstellar states. There are obvious adventures. Finally, a place that can feel as home has been suggested.

Oeghaeg            1711 B452566-8   Ni Po             104 Vk
Arorarrgh          1712 C87A257-7   Lo Ni Wa          112 Vk
Ksoerorzou         1713 E445200-5   Lo Ni             623 Vk
Unueghz            1714 E7B3430-3   Fl Ni             125 Vk
Ouloe              1716 B99825A-8 G Lo Ni             133 Vk
Oengous            1719 D332576-5   Ni Po             103 Va
Dzaloukh           1720 X777541-0 C Ag Ni           R 403 Va
Oughadhksars       1813 C663334-4 C Lo Ni           A 122 Vk
Sugkhueg           1814 E536564-3   Ni                401 Vk
Urrghkhoe          1816 C526879-6                     113 Va
Unkaerrg           1817 E735368-6   Lo Ni             822 Va
Vikhue             1820 X578000-0   Ba Lo Ni        R 014 Va
Oennou             1915 E8C7435-5 C Fl Ni             201 Vk
Gungoul            1916 C79255A-5 C Ni                203 Va
Kaghzdagz          1918 C523220-9   Lo Ni Po          922 Va
Koenkhou           2012 D623201-6   Lo Ni Po          103 Vk
UKSOULEZ           2013 C328973-7 G Hi In Cp          813 Vk
Gnuengarr          2014 E211332-4   Ic Lo Ni          215 Va
Gnikath            2017 C363313-8   Lo Ni             104 Va
Norzsoeng          2018 D444442-6   Ni                121 Va
Arrkhaedhte        2019 D545235-7   Lo Ni             411 Va
Dhaengors          2111 E546676-2 C Ag              A 120 Vk
Ngadhul            2112 E655434-3 C Ni                104 Vk
Ozadzugh           2114 D58167C-1                   A 124 Va
Utar               2115 C100545-A   Ni Va             124 Vt
Ugoeg              2116 B403875-7 G Ic Va             123 Vt
Udzallorz          2117 C7A4202-5 C Fl Lo Ni          124 Vt
Unaets             2119 X461000-0   Ba Lo Ni        R 003 Va
Akhsaz             2120 C471778-4                     724 Va
Aksgviks           2211 C120355-8   De Lo Ni Po       822 Va
DOURTSUEN          2214 C464964-6   Hi                800 Vt
Gourzoer           2217 E200755-4 C Na Va             204 Vt
Vousnoe            2219 C8A7676-6 G Fl                435 Vt
Ksonoelar          2311 E5A26AD-2   Fl              A 113 Va
Uenguz             2312 D346778-3 G Ag                102 Va
Aror               2315 C300420-6 C Ni Va             100 Vt
Oekkso             2318 E664798-6   Ag Ri             935 Vt
Aegaesarz          2319 E00059C-5 C As Ni             534 Vt
Gallkno            2320 C494877-4                     122 Vt
Anoel              2411 X326543-5 C Ni              R 100 Va
Aszaer             2412 D68A120-5 G Lo Ni Wa          511 Vt
UEVAE              2413 C6569DD-8   Hi                414 Vt
Korrarz            2414 C94A100-7 G Lo Ni Wa          200 Vt
VONGOR             2416 D553A79-8 G Hi Po             205 Vt
Oetuedall          2417 D672330-3   Lo Ni             710 Va
Aghenaerr          2419 C655677-3   Ag                203 Vt

Uksoulez Subsector with UWPs – pdf file

3 thoughts on “A Vargr Subsector – Uksoulez Subsector”

  1. Glad to see the print style worked for you!

    In the metadata you can actually specify a location for the polity label rather than altering the world locations to compensate. For example:

    Pretend [ ] are angle brackets.

    [Border Allegiance=”Im” Color=”red” LabelPosition=”1726?]0000 …[/Border]

  2. It was too crowded. I had to move some worlds.

    I used:

    [Label Hex=”1912″ Allegiance=”Vk”]Kague Territory[/Label]
    and ShowLabel=”false” in the Border tag.

    I guess that that will have the same effect?

  3. Yep, using an explicit label works.

    If you define an Allegiance and there’s a corresponding Border, the border will automatically have a label centered within the border’s bounds unless it’s turned off (ShowLabel=”false”) or repositioned (LabelPosition=”xxyy”). I haven’t done any fancy work to avoid overlapping text automagically like the big map sites, though.

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