6 thoughts on “Arachnids And Skinnies”

  1. I had my group run into a small group of them (4). One guy used all the TK he had to throw a rock at it, blew one of the claws right off, but made it mad. It took someone in ABD w/ a MPFG to save their butt. I also had them attracked to gravatic pulses i.e. the grave truck they were driving around in. I also didn’t have them quiet as inteligent or controled as in the book/movie. but it was still great fun watching faces of the players when their ride started getting attacked and they weren’t even in it.

  2. The Arachnids from the movie is quite a different beast than the Arachnids in the book. But, so was the powered armor as well.

  3. Mine were based off the movie. Give me a little bit to find the write up, we’ve started a new campaign in a totaly different area.

    Where should I post them?

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