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  1. I’ve heard tale’s of it being done, but have never tried it my self. I suppose it really depends on the server speed, or the flavor of the game.

  2. I’m sure it can be done since I am doing it. 😛

    We are having fun, but sometimes the game is a bit slow.

    /BeRKA (a.k.a. Captain Remiraan Irem or his daughter Doctor Sharona Irem-Koch)

  3. Story so far:

    On the way to Efate, to pick up his pension, the ship that Remiraan travelled on malfunctioned. By risking his life, and with some help from a nearby scoutship, disaster was avoided. Then there was some cover-up by the authorities, and then all heroes got another job by a noble. This is to recapture some lost artefacts (probably stolen by vargr). At the nobles place Remiraan meets his daughter and the artefact specialist. First stop is Menorb, and this is where they are now.

    In the group there is a mad and paranoid gambler called Luck. This is a person that Remiraan dislikes, but that his daughter seem to like. This is a bit of fun roleplaying. :mrgreen:

  4. Hi,

    I’m putting together a PBeM based around a Yahoo group. The campaign is based in 1105 in the Spinward Marches. Classic Traveller is the medium. E-mail me for details.

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