For the web-based galactic I have now added a dotmap of all sectors uploaded for the CLASSIC galaxy.

(Have I missed any sectors that You got?)

5 thoughts on “Dotmap”

  1. The only ones I can think of would be the Core Route Expeditions sectors. But that would really skew the map.

  2. Hello.
    Yes I have several across the top and down the righthand side if you want them (swipped from elvwoods undeveloped sectors).
    Saved his dot maps and then entered them into gal (so they realy are only good for dot maps until someone does something with them?????.
    Send me a mail message if you want them and i’l send them back.
    Sent message to Jim (the guy who wrote gal), had a problem, You cant load all of the core and rime route into the standard gal without it deleting the sectors you have first, It will only handle about 400 sectors (there are just over 400 sectors if you load everything) Believe me I did it and it does.

  3. Hi!

    I don’t want dotmaps only. What I want is galactic sectors that I don’t have, that have full stats and are sanity checked, rules checked, and canon checked. I think anything new we produce now should be of good quality. I am sure You can help Elvwood with some sectors. I would very much like any good quality sectors You produce.

    Sure I have some older not so good sectors, and I don’t know who has made them. Especially in the Aslan region, where some sectors clearly haven’t followed the rules. But that is old stuff, and if someone wants to update this I’ll be happy.

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