I’m trying to fill in some of the gaps on traveller artwork.
I’m not an artist; I’m heavily trained in CAD, and dabble enough to be considered a “professional” with CGI software.
My first mission in this quest is to figure out what the #$^&* Zhodani ground vehicles look like. I don’t have any of the GURPS stuff, I stopped buying Traveller stuff at “Pocket Empires”. The only thing I have to go on is CT Alien Module 4, which seems to have a very boxy tracked APC, and the MT: Referee’s Companion, which seems to be showing an atmospheric craft which is very different from what people seem to describe Zho craft as.
Help? your sketches? Art? whatever? I’ll give you full credit as original designer…
Initial work (which right now is just the type S) is up at my website. I would be happy to do a custom render for anyone who asks.
I’ve got Zho small weapons, Armor wired, should be finishing up the BattleDress within a couple of days.

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